Typhoons 2015

Although Taiwan has not seen any direct impact, we’ve already had two typhoons in the northwestern Pacific this year (last year was similar: the third typhoon of the season was registered on March 6).

Not about typhoons near or in Taiwan (but just in case this is of interest to anybody):
Not a typhoon but northern Japan saw a typhoon-strength snow storm today (recorded peak: 165km/h = 45.7m/s).

Nice to know yuli is on the job. When it happens, you’ll see it here first, folks!


You’ll see it before it happens! :smiley: We please to serve and serve to please. :bow:

Typhoon-wise 2014 has not been bad at all. Let’s hope 2015 will follow the same route.

Looks like there’s one heading toward the Philippines now. But it could change its trajectory and hit us. Stay tuned folks.

According to the latest pictures on Storm2k it’s slightly heading North…bummer.

“Heading” seems to be westward, though. :wink:
Should be passing Guam at the time of writing.
And with a forecast wind peak of about 120km/h it looks like it should be no bother to expats in Taiwan - wherever it may go…
But it’s a good time to think about typhoon preparations, since the question is never “if” but “when”.
:grandpa: :flog: :popcorn:

Is there actually a typhoon on its way just in time for me to go to Lüdao for the long weekend?! Sigh. Here’s hoping it doesn’t mess with my snorkelling plans! Or the vomit comet… I mean, ferry.

A long way off. Even if it heads our way–and we could use it!–your weekend probably won’t be affected.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed :slight_smile:
I’m not worried about the rain (which we definitely need!), but more concerned about swells from the wind. Even a long ways off, typhoons can affect the waves. Anyway. I’ll be sure to stick to sheltered bays when I go swimming with the fishies.

Ahhh. True. But it looks like it will be heading west at least.

The swell forecast for Taidong is looking pretty high this weekend…good luck on the ferry! :slight_smile:


First typhoon of the year is Noul.

It will be weakening as it grazes the southern and eastern coasts, turning away from the Philippines and heading across Okinawa.

But Hey, a typhoon is a typhoon!

who saw some typhoon grass yet? how many twists?

About time! Hopefully this will add some much needed water to our reservoirs!

Mmm, I think it will be too far off the east coast for any west-side rain. But it should do some island skirting, and bring some shady cloud with it.

Copying Dulan’s post in here

[quote=“dulan drift”]This is a bit like playing ‘chicken’ with a mack truck. Noul has become a super typhoon, and it’s currently heading straight at us, but all the forecast models have it about to recurve away to the ne. I’ve held off on doing much in the way of preparation because of that but I do hope they are right. Otherwise we’re gonna be in the thick of a super typhoon within 24 hrs.

If you are on Orchid Island, however, then you probably want to get off now. The planes and boats may not operate for several days after it hits.


The forecast is for Noul to turn NNE and weaken a little in the next couple of days, but it’s currently heading NNW direct to Taidong County.
Definitely one to keep an eye on.

On the plus side, the surf should be up later in the week.

I like westpacwx on y0utube for tyohoon news. The imagery from 8 seconds to 19 seconds is fantastic.


Good stuff!

Very nice!

The clouds rolled in off the Hualien coast in the last hour, and there’s now a steady medium rain, no wind. Could be a wet day.
Weather warning still only applies to Taidong, Green & Orchid though.