Typhoons 2017

Very low chance (next to 0) that it will become a strong typhoon or threaten Taiwan in any way. Very likely though it will be the first named storm/depression/typhoon of the season. Yay!

Overall for Pacific Ocean 2017 “the forecast calls for 17 common typhoons and 10 “intense” versions of the storms that are called cyclones and hurricanes elsewhere in the world” not including tropical storms.

Taiwan, Soaked Already, Faces An Extra Intense 2017 Typhoon Season

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Found reference for 2015 Pacific typhoon season was a slightly above average season that produced 27 tropical storms, 18 typhoons and nine super typhoons.

That’s 54 events between June and October/Nov. So about 9-10 per month or around 2 per week.


2015 was pretty nuts, let’s not do that again.

It seems like the last time Taipei was this bad was 2015.

A lot of “fake”, or should I say, outdated images were rolling around LINE groups last Fridaythat were from that year. News such as a few MRT lines closing due to flooding at different ends of the line and the Xinchuang/Banqiao riverside area flooded almost up to the brim.

(actually it’s nothing, but as the plum season leaves it’s about time to bump the Typhoon thread)

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RIP Invest 97


He’s not giving up!

A sad update. Invest W97, after trying as hard as he could to survive, has lost his battle. The tropical cyclone warning has been cancelled.

RIP W97 (2017, 2017)


Well, hello there, Invest W99.


It will have a long holiday in Japan!

Looks like it will be one of the tiniest typhoons in year (IF it becomes a typhoon, currently only ranked as a sever tropical storm, though it may change).

Anyway, little to no impact for Taiwan#1. For Okinawa and friends it may be a pita because it will pass by there then curve back to the North-East, giving them extra time under rain and wind.