Typhoons 2018


I doubt it, but it’s a few days away.


Shit dawg, we aren’t even in April yet.


Not very pretty, but I appreciate the effort.


They called it Jelawat! Currently not likely to become a typhoon…feelsbadman.


What is the earliest month that you experienced a typhoon when work/school was cancelled?


I’d estimate June. Can’t remember earlier


In some areas on the middle of the ocean they issued a sea warning, suggesting smaller vessels to avoid sailing.


Typhoon Hal in mid-June, 1985. Remember like it was yesterday. Spent my 19th birthday bunkered down in Kaohsiung. :grandpa:


You realize this makes it possible to calculate your exact age, right?




Not necessary…because you spelled “argument” wrong. :grin:




Sorry, I don’t have serious discussions with chicken memes.


How about cow memes?




I’m not entirely convinced that’s a cow, but I’m just a byproduct of the patriarchy, what would I know? I’ll take your word.


I say it’s a cow, but that could just be bull…


I stumbled upon cow talk, where is typhoon talk


It might make it to typhoon status!


Ah yes, but I could be lying. I might have spent 1985 locked in a prison cell in deepest Abyssinia. And therefore my exact age would be incalculable.