Typical thread on Forumosa

Typical thread on Forumosa (usually on open forum, living in Taiwan, or sometimes temp):

Why do Taiwan do xxx in xxx way?

Reply #1: Legitimate reason why things are done this way here.

Reply #2: Usually same as 1

Reply 3: blurb about how things are done better “back home”

Reply 4: Taiwanese is chabuduo

Reply 5: Some discussion on things happening in the UK

Reply 6: more off topic blurbs about how Taiwan is chabuduo

Reply 7 and onwards: Some random political stuff having zero to do with the original topic… going between replies 2-6.

Reply 50 and onwards: usually moved to temp forum for whatever reason.


You’ve done something really daft?

Post 3, i don’t think this will go well :wink:

This thread is a bit chabuduo


you’re jumping ahead, you should be informing us how the thread would be executed much better back home.

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Yea back home some people can count correctly in sequence, on Forumosa, no such luck.

Has anyone seen that the Croydon tram crash driver Alfred Dorris will not be prosecuted?

Was does the Sun say should happen to him ? I’ll go along with that. Gotcha

It would be absolutely be executed back home until an AOC gets elected

Has anyone mentioned Donald Trump yet?

And a Monty Python reference with video included.