Typographic terms?

OK Chinese experts, can anyone tell me what the terms are for the following:

Smart Quotes
Where a computer accepts unformatted text and automatically turns the standard straight quotes into opening and closing curly quotes.

H’s and J’s
The settings that control how hyphenation and justification are applied in a formatted document.

Not an expert, but this is what they tell me:

H&J Control (hyphenation and justification) as a UI term:

I usually turn off all this feature…it usually corrupt my text…that autonumbering crap…


Thanks for the help ironlady … much appreciated!

The last time I went to Shanghai, I stumbled across a Microsoft Eng - Simplified Chinese computer dictionary. I’d figure with Microsoft products being separately localized for the Mainland and Taiwan, there should be a Traditional Chinese edition as well, but wherever I look for it, I’ve never seen it.

Does anybody know if it exists? What kind of technical dictionaries do you guys use, anyway? I think the selection here is quite bad, compared to the number of technical dictionaries you can buy in Mainland (not really useful for using here, though). Or do you only use Internet and computer resources? I duly bookmark all the useful links Ironlady gives.



have you heard of GIAA?



I guess you meant neither the

  • Groupement des intellectuels aveugles ou amblyopes nor the

  • Guild of Italian American Actors or the

  • Geomantics Industry Association of America or the

  • Guam International Airport Authorities

This basically sums up the 40 first hits for GIAA on Google :?

Iris :?


Neither of them…
I don’t remember what it stands for.
But GIAA is a terminology tool by microsoft. When I enter it’s password protected website, the welcome page said:

"Welcome to Giaa.

Giaa is a terminology look-up tool for Microsoft products. To start, please enter your term(s) or string(s) in the space above after Lookup Keyword: and press ENTER."



I’ve got the Microsoft glossaries in both simplified and traditional Chinese…somewhere! Can’t put my hand on them just now, and to make matters worse I’ve just gotten a new computer! But they do exist, or did before.

I think now they are giving out or selling (Micro$oft, after all) some kind of CD-ROM with their preferred terminology on it. Anyway the easiest way to come up with menu items in TC is to look on the menus!! For harder stuff, well, that’s a different story!

Thanks Terry

It’s not that I’d need them urgently. And I have an English language pack for my Chinese office, so it’s easy to compare the office menus (unfortunately, my personal computer terminology is a weird mix of German, English and Chinese which makes it sort of hard to explain things to people who don’t speak all three languages :? ).

However, once in a while, some things come up for which such a glossary would be handy.

Thanks anyway


Just drop me an e-mail if you need any terms, I’ll be happy to help you find them. Kind of a twisted hobby of mine. Too late for me to develop healthier pastimes, I guess. :unamused: