U.S. allied with African Nations

With Bush in Africa, I can’t help but ponder the reason. China has established some close ties and the U.S. has really had an attidude of “give a shit” for many years. Now Bush is dancing (I add gratuitously that he sucks) the locals. Does he think that he can stop the killing? How about going into the many “killing fields.” Talk to them. Will they stop? Is there oil in Africa?
Hell, I just am appalled to see a leader (not so certain that that term is on target) cajole the media for CNN.
Bottom line in my humble opinion:

  1. The U.S. gives a shit about African politics because they have absolutely NOTHING we want.
  2. Everybody knows that Africans enjoy fighting among themselves so why in the hell should the U.S. get involved.
  3. mmmmm. Lot of AIDS here… Hell, maybe they will die. On the other hand, my brother-in-law knows a black woman. SHIT! Maybe the U.S should do something about this.
  4. It’s kinda windy down at south end of this damn land mass. Maybe we can generate a few kw of piss from there.

If I have offended anybody, well, sorry, except for those few politicians that read this. For those few, well, I give you a well deserved salute.
OK Off to bed. Probably about 1 hour past due. On the other hand, this whole escapade pisses me off.

Nigeria and Angola have lots of Oil, Madagascar has lots of suspected fields. I suspect this is just because if China is moving in, the US had better do so too. But I suspect Africa has had enough of the white man, they want to see what the yellow man can offer. Boy are they in for a rough time…although at least genocide will be overlooked.

Who let him take the checkbook on this trip?

Thats gotta be stopped.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Who let him take the checkbook on this trip?

Thats gotta be stopped.[/quote]

Yea, cause those are my reparations. Damn it!!!

Don’t forget Chad has oil that China is lovin long time with their drills and weapons exchange program. I guess they learn the easy way from the brothers in South Central LA. Let them kill themselves off and by the time a boom really hits china Chad and Niger, Ethiopia and all along the horn of Africa, will be vacant land for them to move in on…

Don’t know if that’s irony in your post Enigma, but a bit of it comes off eh, you know, the MalcomX senses are tingling for me :wink: :beatnik: