U.S.-style stationary supplies?


Does anyone know of a source in Taipei for some standard (U.S.) stationary supplies? Or for “suitable substitutes”? I have looked around a bit in the normal Taiwanese office supplies stores.

Specifically, I’m looking for:

  • Legal pads (yellow, lined notebook paper)

  • Plain white business envelopes

  • Manila file folders (cheap things with the little tabs)

  • Blank cards/notes - something that I can use as a “thank you” card or generic note. Normally they come in a box of 20 with envelopes, etc.



I don’t know where you live, but Taiwan is the king of Stationary. I am always crying about not having those cute doggy and flower notepads when I am out of the country. Anyway, ask around, most 文具店 (Wen Qu Dian) have planty of what you are looking for. Bookstores, such as Kingstone, also have a good selection of stationary.

A note. I once lived in an area for four months and could not find a single stationary store nearby, I had to go all the way to Yung-ho to where I knew a stationary store certainly was, but the day I moved away I noticed two right around the corner. Watch out they like to hide.

You might want to check out the Aurora store on XinYi and Keelung. That place seems to have a lot of things. The Carrefour in Yong He had a lot of the stationary I needed but I wasn’t looking for yellow legal pads. Next time I’m there I’ll look out for it. Maybe Page 1 might have?

Costco is one of the only places that sells cheap manila file folders, by the box. They also have a variety of other supplies at good bulk prices.

As to other supplies, it’s hit or miss all over the city.

For years, I’ve been wondering when someone’s going to come along and open an Office Max type outlet, combining supplies with common office electronic products, and maybe some basic copying and binding services, etc. Given the massive amt of office supplies people go through here, the place could be a smash hit.

When talking about paper and pens and stuff, it’s spelled stationery.

You may earn a Spelling Police merit badge for your comment, but don’t you think it would have been more constructively used helping to answer seeker4’s question?

I can’t answer Seeker4’s question, knowing little about Taipei and less about stationery. I wasn’t trying to play spelling Nazi- I just think most people don’t actually know the -ery spelling. I have little enough to offer on Forumosa, let me have this one insignificant factoid.

I had to chuckle when I saw this. In addition I only wanted to add that a teacher pointed out to me long ago to remember ‘e’ for envelope to recall which stationery/stationary to use.

Also, I cannot answer the stationery question as I am not in Taipei. Just passed by this as I search for answers to my own dilemma.


Also check about every single bookstore in TW and your chances of finding it is strong.

Maybe, but they don’t have box files.

Box files

When I got here 11 years ago, they didn’t have Blu-Tack either - I had to buy mine in Hong Kong. Now they do have it (or similar), but a lot of people don’t know about it.

Blu-Tack - Great stuff!

Also - a general comment about Taiwan stationery - Too much plastic when something biodegradeable would do!

Keywords: blue tack blu tak bluetack blutak blue tak reusable adhesive putty sticky stuff

Aussie Blu-Tack web site




There’s a very nice stationery store called “Paper World” or so in Tianmu up the road from the Tianmu-circle Wellcome, they have stuff like hand-made papers etc. … maybe not exactly office supply, but nice stuff for sure! Xpet.

Actually I went to one of the three big stationery shops on Minquan West Road - just round the corner from Zhongshan North Road - today to buy Blu-Tack but they didn’t have it and couldn’t tell me where I might buy it. Can anybody tell me where it might be on sale? Otherwise - perhaps someone could get me a pack or two from Hong Kong or wherever.

Keywords: blue tack blu tak bluetack blutak blue tak reusable adhesive putty sticky stuff

Aussie Blu-Tack web site

Legal pads … costco
Thank you cards…page one book store

googling 文具 , and you will have tons of Internet shops which suppies stationary stuffs. Cheap, convenient, and good services.

I am looking for a portable hanging file, like these:


If anyone knows where I can buy [color=red]college ruled paper[/color], can you post it here. I miss that paper like no tomorrow!!!