UFOs baby!

Loves me a good UFO story.

Why do UFOs always move erratically? Are aliens always drunk?

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Not motivated enough to click the link. :sleeping: Is it actually about Taiwan?

It isn’t. I guess the USA is something like Disneyland for alien visitors. Taiwan is something like the gasworks.

In that case I’ll be so bold as to abduct the thread. :flying_saucer:


Perhaps they are back to prevent nuclear war with N. Korea / China / Russia?


They don’t. They only appear to be moving erratically from our dimension. Duh.

I’m a self declared UFOnut (UFOnaut?) So do you want the short or the long answer ? Heck the short answer has turned into the long answer already.

Falling leaf or pendulum motion has been a hallmark of UFOs going back to the earliest sightings.

There are various theories out there.
It could well be that they are giant falling leafs and pendulums that have traveled across intergalactic space to greet us (badda boom :slight_smile: ).

A) one theory is that they are surrounded by some kind of field which distorts our image of the craft rather than the craft actually moving in this fashion due to field effects (this is one of my favourites ) .It could be that they are visible at only certain places in the field and we are not seeing a continuous image.

B) the field that the craft uses may not be very stable in the atmosphere for some reason

C) their speed of movement is more rapid than we are used to and as they are not limited to aerodynamic lift requirements they can move anyway they want and do (this is obvious when we think about the movement of various flies like dragonflies or humming birds or even Brownian motion ).
If we stretch this theory further could it be a form of defensive manuevre that has evolved or learned behaviour and these objects could be intelligent living things ? Artificially intelligent craft.

D) when we see these craft they have some 'technical issues ’ akin to a burst radiator

E) they are projections from another dimension or sumfing and not actually there at all (could be mirages sometimes ?)

Some have even been described as looking like they are playing !

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That’s the Tic-Tac trying to get away from Trump’s stinky mouth!

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I saw one once in Taiwan

You told me before Tommy.
You can write it down here if you want to share it was pretty cool.

Was it a second-hand one that the Americans didn’t need any more?

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Longer version of the first video.

This is the other video ‘look at thing dude…’

They’re probably broadcasting us on some reality TV show about all the dumbass things we do.


Not one single shred of evidence…

Well there IS a shred of evidence and that’s the whole point of the NYtimes articles and accompanying videos. Real videos of real UFOs. Multiple eyewitnesses. Radar signatures.

It’s not much but there ARE certainly UFOs out there and they are intriguing.
They go back to at least WWII with Foo fighters…

Even airline pilots have described UFO flying alongside them while landing at CKS.

Unidentified FLying Objects do exist. Not sure about green men inside though.

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Show me the probe on the dashboard

Is that from a Bond movie?

They are certainly UFOs. We have not defined what those flying objects are.