Ugly classic theme and serif font

Why the old-timey brown and yellow theme with serif font?

Serif fonts help with reading small print on printed paper, but doesn’t really do much on digital screens where we can adjust the font size.

This site is displayed in a sans-serif font on iPhones and it looks nicer, cleaner, and more modern. Any chance we could make that the default font type on desktops too?

Also, are there any other theme options besides the ugly brown/yellow and black/dark? Plain white and light grey would look nice as a replacement for the default classic theme, I think.

Being extra picky today.

Change the theme?

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That was not in the original rendition of your post. I made my post and moved on.

I used to love the Darkmosa theme. Until recently. At it’s release, it was unique.

Now it’s just so radically different from everything else I’m doing.

Times are a’changin :new:

Now reverted back to Dark theme which these days is more in trend. But the icon at top left is irritating.

Wish the bright neon blue square wasn’t there. I hate it so much that started opening another window or picture in picture to place over the top of it.

That can be changed if people don’t like it. I just made it the exact reverse of the ordinary icon.

Speak up people

Historical reasons for the color. We can’t really do any more themes. 4 is already a pain. You can choose preferred fonts in your browser I believe.

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I am fine with Dark. I have non-serif on my iPhone. The logo? I never really noticed it.


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Most definitely, I switch fonts all the time, like Chinese font with Bopomofo, somehow allows me to read faster.

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If you’re offering to get rid of some of the current themes to make room for new ones, here are my suggestions from the perspective of a professional digital designer:

“Dark” is nice and can stay, “Black” is kind of redundant and a bit too black (shows too much reflection) so it can go, “Darkmosa” is just plain weird and outdated, and can go too. “Classic” is outdated and should be changed to white and light grey (if you’re offering to replace it).

I think two themes is enough. A “Light” theme and a “Dark” theme (the current “Dark” is good). It’d be much more manageable.

I think the blues in the Dark theme icons can go (especially the neon blue) and replaced with plain white. So for the square icon: White “F”, white square border, black background. For the “Forumosa” icon: White lettering, white outline of the shape of Taiwan with black fill.

Just my suggestions.


Do you have the skills to volunteer to make that happen?


Not really, no, but we may go over it again at some point in the future.

I just took a look at all 4, Darkmosa still hands down my favorite

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I use Darkmosa on mobile

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If you’re considering a new “Light” theme, here’s some inspiration:

White background with dark gray sidebar:

White background with light gray sidebar:

The light gray above has a HEX value of F8F8FA (or RGB 248, 248, 250), and the dark gray has a HEX value of 383E4E (or RGB 56, 62, 78).

This is what I was born for.

Sure, that’s a pretty common concept. We’ve considered it before, perhaps we will again anon

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I’ve been doing so much many things online lately that Darkmosa colors have no fit with it.

I’ve loved Darkmosa since I first tried it. But also, have thought from then, it would put a lot of people off. Off and away and out of interest in Forumosa.

Would not be a bad time to try some new themes. After all, location is everything, and visual location recognition comfort and familiararity is a key part of location.

Dark theme is right now the closest to current trends.

Something I came up with just now that works well on both light and dark backgrounds, in case you go over the logo again at some point in the future.


Cool but it looks kind of Christian? Maybe it’s just me


Haha sorry, Pope. Not sure how I would make it more Catholic.

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