Ugly Truths About Working in Taiwan


I doubt this. What china is offering is not som SAR package, but what Taiwan will be getting is a Tibet/Xinjiang package that will make 228 look like a papercut.


Doubtful; we constantly say on here that Taiwanese are passive and non-confrontational. Those places get the hammer, especially Xinjiang, because they’re confrontational, and also remote.

Taiwan will be more analogous to Hong Kong.




If I remember correctly something happend 2014 when the taiwense government was moving too close to china.


You guys are all nuts if you really think anything but democracy is the only game in town for Taiwanese.


What I think will happen and what I want to happen are two different things.


Yes but my point is about Taiwanese. Agree with your points you raise by the way.


Health care is cheap and accessible, but not efficient. Misdiagnosis are common, and people get fed a ton of antibiotics for viruses, and sometimes the doctors just don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

Contrast that to the US where the doctors are efficient, but really expensive and inaccessible at times.


I guess I have different standards for I come from a different country than you.

Yup. But I have heard that this is a common trend/problem everywhere :(. Perhaps the fact that here there’s not much serious analysis and diagnosis the problem is greater.

They know: they give you pills for all the possible reasons behind your symptoms. A few months ago I told my doctor to please give me less pills because I had checked what pills he had given me last time, and there were some I didn’t need at all like one or two for allergy… he still gave me all of them. Lucky me!

Some people say that it’s some sort of mafia like association with insurance companies. If you don’t have an insurance and something comes up, you are screwed.


Around 1-2k high school students actually end up going to a Chinese university each year, which account for less than 1% of one class.

Btw, you don’t put countless and amount together, and amount has no plural form. It’s countless number. Do you teach English?

I fail to see how young people in other countries are any less apathetic. Voter turnout in pretty much all western countries is flatlining, especially among young people.

Factories are not closing down and the fact that those polluting ones are not is more of a problem. Universities should be closing down as more than half of them are absolute garbage. They shouldn’t have been established in the first place.

And you are about 30 years late on the doctors and teachers emigrating to the US and Canada lol. What are Taiwanese teachers gonna teach over there now? How to make a cup of bubble tea? :rofl:


The kids are taught Taiwan is worthless, hopeless, they are told this is a ghost island every day by the press and TV and everyone says Taiwanese are Taike and China is a super power and since all around they see that money rules, and that their parents struggle every day to put food on teh table but their biosses trample all over them… well, their conclusion is going to greener pastures.

It may become a self fulfilling prpphecy at this rate. As seen, teh fundamentals are not bad, compared to otehr places, it is safe, somewhat coherent, it works, and it has kept on improving. But as long as people keep thinking te chemically induced grass is greener on the Other Side, well, …

One has to remember that after US changed allegiance, there was a mass migration of Taiwanese to… anywhere. They eventually came back and/or went to China, regreted the lost years. Right now, we have the struggle between the ones that want to change things and move forward, especially let go of the Chiense paradigm. They face the old school, China as a model/goal/leader. Until thsi struggle is let out in teh open and fights it out fair and square, we won’t have true freedom.


Where’s the buzz gone?

Anybody remember it, the energy?


For all the allegedly booming economic news and high-tech achievements, China is still an unstable, repressive and developing nation. Censorship has gotten worse over the last several years, crackdowns happen all the time on reporters and lawyers, and just this weekend, thousands of PLA military veterans faced off with police over inadequate pensions in a Chinese city on the east coast. Let’s not think China will continue booming forever. For all its problems, Taiwan is pretty close to being a developed country.


Absolutely , China is a dump of a place to emigrate to for many reasons .


I remember it. I was not here in the 1990s, but in the early 2000s people were still acting like it was the 1990s!

From that era, I don’t however miss the sketchy unprofessional public transport, the sketchy dodgy Chiang Kai-shek Airport, the black soot that covered my face at the end of the day, and the horrible driving (I believe it was worse then–even less courtesy).

We’ve lost the buzz, but arguably gained more decency in public, at least in my small circles.



I taxi’d past the smoking hulk of a singapore airlines flight on my first day here.
Then took the bus to Taoyuan.

Sketchy is right ~


Oh, I also don’t miss dealing with the local police office when dealing with residency matters in my town. The establishment of the NIA was a genuine godsend.

Lots of things to be grateful for, even as things have obviously slowed down.



Yeah but the buzz man.
COMPLETELY different atmosphere than now.

Christmas Eve parties !


In 2018, there is no buzz. But Taiwan has become more liveable in all kinds of ways.



I’m bored I need some of that buzz back.:sunglasses: