Ugly Truths About Working in Taiwan


I think I will do that next year, will have a cover story for the wife thinking we are there for culture and nature .


I wish people would stop writing “it is what it is”.

Was there ever a more vacuous phrase? :2cents:


it is what it is.
you cannot deny a person’s right to say…
wait… wrong answer…


I pay tax.
It is what it is.


Yeah, you really can’t hold Taiwanese Americans as representative of Americans as a whole. We are ridiculously overeducated and have ridiculously high rates of home ownership.

I would bet most millennials in the US are living with their parents, with students loans through the roof.

Also, the fact that white males are dying of suicides and alcohol poisoning at alarming rates is one of the reasons Trump came to power.


Here is the honest truth from a High School teacher’s perspective… Taiwan is doomed. Countless amounts of my students who are due to graduate express a wish/desire to attend University in China. They accept there is a better wage opportunity there.

Many young people are surprisingly disillusioned about Taiwans future prospects. They frequently criticize their government but don’t do anything to prove it. Apathy is the trend here. The real worry is is factories are closing down, universities are closing down due to not enough students; skilled workers like doctors and teachers are emigrating to America and Canada even in the anti immigration age of Trump.

The grass is greener on the other side it seems. Taiwan is inevitably going to reunite with China. Everyone in Taiwan can see the writing is on the wall. It’s just a matter of time


If you’re indeed a High School teacher as you claim, I hope you can do more than repeat nonsense like this. NONE OF US KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN. But anyone with any understanding of the current situation knows that the PRC is engaged in some pretty intensive (mis)information campaigns right now. If you’re a teacher as you claim, one of your responsibilities is to think critically and, yes, teach your students how to do so too. If this is beyond your abilities, please find another profession. Your students will thank you.



I’m repeating what they (Taiwanese have said). Of course there is some personal opinion mixed in there also. Boo-hoo


Let me add when I read ungrammatical phrases like this, I find myself also hoping you are not teaching English.

Good day to you sir.



Holy crap!!! This is staggering, considering that home ownership in the USA is pretty widespread.

Since the KMT is the world’s wealthiest political party, I want to know how much of the Taiwan figure is KMT assets.


KMT’s assets total $595 million.

Taiwan’s total net worth would be $2.094168 trillion .

If my math is correct, that’s only 0.028%.


Actually, that’s assets, not net worth, so that’s even less.


I agree , student apathy is massive.
Apathetic about their career… their education, even their life. (Ask a random smattering of young people what they did all weekend and most will say stay at home watching TV)

Again i don’t blame them but the system. What is there to look forward to.

And yes I think eventually Taiwan will fall under China’s sphere of influence, if not sooner than later.


Which shitty high school are u stuck with?

And I agree it’s the teacher’s job to engage the Ss in critical thinking and debates. So why are u bitching about it?


yeah, only tai-mes and tai-kes are working in buxibans and such. op, do you even know the meaning of that?


Hey, that’s what I did back in the 70s before there were any video games or Internet. Cartoons all Saturday morning til like just past 1pm. Then sports.


Not happening, there’s no need for it. China can continue to poach Taiwan’s talent, they’ll marry Chinese, and eventually the stagnant wages, housing bubble popping, and loss of jobs from the low birthrate will push people in Taiwan to desperate measures. At that point, they’ll trade democracy for the hope of economic security. Of course, it’s only a sliver of a hope. Right now Taiwanese can move to China and catch an economic wave, one on which they’re making 2-3 times the salary they make in Taiwan. What remains to be seen is where that wave bottoms out. It could be that by the time a SAR vote comes up, Taiwan will need China more than China needs Taiwan, and the ensuing economic package won’t even be very good.


I’m not really saying a full blown confrontation, more like a crossing of swords due to escalating China encroachment around Taiwan.
These things are unpredictable , agree that there is obviously very Little appetite for confrontation on this side.

Also agree that the timing of negotiations with China is really important . But Taiwan doesn’t need to become a SAR , it has its own military and independence and still wealthy country and strong capabilities in tech (of sorts ) I don’t see them giving that up.

Needs to be some other deal.


Low Pay-Minimum wage - Invalid argument cause anyone with a bachelor from English speaking country can make double what a local can and the price to live here is much cheaper.

Abusive Managers/Laobans -If you have a real skill that the boss needs, you really think he’s going to abuse the hell out of you?
Pure incompetence -expect pay to be paid late, cheated through deductions, penalties and all kinds of nefarious activities; - From my experience what they deduct is minimal. Never even bothered me or got deducted before.
Contracts don’t mean a damned thing- no comment

Jealous Coworkers- Co-workers are jealous of your minimum wage job in Taiwan - so?

Lack of Advancement -Working in Taiwan for ESL is a dead end. Fixed that for you

Passport= 26th best in the world. Dunno what you’re talking about bad passport.

This place is China. Ok…


A private one actually. It’s name is none of your business. Critical thinking is not something Taiwanese students are taught to do in the education system here. You can plant seeds in their minds and hope they’ll bloom, encourage them to challenge and question the world around them, but the Chinese in them is strong. Taiwan produces drones, and the majority never question their place in society. Democracy has not worked so well for Taiwan.

Complaining about something and “bitching” about it as you so inadequately put it are too very different things. The high school students opinions I mentioned are very valid to the OPs post. If you won’t listen to the general attitudes of Taiwan’s next generation, then who will you listen to?

Young Taiwanese people are jaded, have no ambition and the education system is producing people who can spew book text on demand but who are unable to create or inovate. Fact is, if they have money they’ll go to America (why else do you think so many wealthy Taiwanese ship their children off to American universities and high schools at the closest opportunity? ).

Stagnant wage and lack of advancement in their career paths is another reason Taiwanese want out. Open your eyes.