🇬🇧 UK - Flying to the U.K

Has anyone flown into the uk in the last few months? I usually fly KLM but they keep messing me around, changing the schedule. I’m thinking of rebooking with another airline.

Eva- seems expensive.

China Airlines, never really been a fan but they seem ok these days.

Emirates via Dubai?

Has anyone had a smooth experience recently?

Emirates was fine. No hassles apart from the expected bureaucracy, which will be the same regardless.

Dubai airport is basically “normal”, including lounge operations. Heathrow is merely busy (as opposed to complete chaos), so you should have no particular issues there.

I used China Air to get to London.

Have you considered flying somewhere else? I hear you might not even be able to get your Christmas pints due to the shortage of lorry drivers.

Britain has had full-scale riots before over lack of beer (or laws that interfere with beer). The plebs might be ready to take anything up the ass right now, but they’ll expect to be drunk when it happens.

A thread bashing the UK. Aww, you guys, first you trashed London, now the whole kingdom. I’m feeling the love. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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China Air is good because it’s direct (2-3 hours faster than Eva that transfers at Bangkok), but it lands at Gatwick which is a bit of a trek to London. On balance, I prefer it.


Wow- never considered China Air… will check it out. I’m a nervous passenger, so usually stick to my usual airlines…

Don’t talk to me about the lorry driver shortage… We are shipping things over. Apparently, there’s a high chance, the container will get stuck in the port as there are no truckers to move things along… we’ll be charged the princely sum of 100 pounds a day for as long as our stuff remains in the port (totally out of our control)

I prefer Eva, but China Air was the only one with a direct flight. I think Eva did start doing direct but I’m not sure if they stopped since the pandemic. I would usually transfer at Paris to London with Eva if not.

So not Taiwan for Life then ?
Was a good stint though. :clap:
Can we do an exit interview, the good, the bad ?


Actually most of the UK bashers here are British.


Eva usually layovers in Bangkok or Hong Kong

Kind of busy now! I’ve been reading your posts over the last year or so with interest. You seem to be suggesting you’d also like to move on (if it wasn’t for a few things holding you back.)

I’ll write an exit report in the next few months or so! Haha. Probably be ready for a re-entry by the time I get down to it!

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I always fly Eva, but unless things changed you cannot transit in Bangkok without having $100,000 coverage health insurance.

So I went with Turkish which was also super cheap compared to everyone else :grin:

I’ve found an emirates flight for 29K, 35 kg allowance with a 6 hour layover in Dubai. Probably check in at an airport hotel for a few hours if possible.

Stay tuned, the wheels are turning. :wink:


Hi there, merry Xmas!

Do you know if there’s a hotel inside Dubai airport that’s convenient for a Taipei Dubai 6 hour layover Dubai-Birmingham journey?

That place is so big… not sure which hotel to book…!

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Anyone? Any suggestions for the layover?

Premier Inn is around $120 and a 10 minute shuttlebus ride from the airport, that’s what I used last week.

However, if I was just doing a 6 hour layover, I’d buy a lounge pass instead, enjoy the food, drink and recliner chairs, and have a shower.

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I just did. Via turkish airlines. Turkish airlines has bad baggage policies and check in agents stupid as hell. Other than that you should be okay.