UK - London | Don't travel now/Nightclubs in London

They are all undercover.

Ya, some police in that photo but more private security, some other area much more police. But still all nice people, better than USA police as far being friendly, police in USA seem not as talkative a bit more on edge.

I flew Air American into London, got message bags were delayed but bags arrived on time after clearing the boarder force.

Also nice room on the American 777 aeroplane, I flew KHH to LAX on Cathay Pacific and after few days then to England on American.

Los Angeles Airport lounge


Well I wouldn’t go there for the food!

Still some good food and tumric latte

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Lol, that’s a very positive outlook.

The native British outlook would be “it took so long to get through passport control that our delayed baggage was there when we finally got through :rage:


haha. If anything not good, about UK arrival is more questions, like am I going to work in the UK, what kind of business and where. At LAX , only question was how long will I stay, me three nights, him oh three days (with a smile). I did not get a LAX stamp in my passport which I wanted.

Nice weather day in Liverpool !

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Are you a British native?

I am, a particularly pessimistic one at that! I’m working on it :full_moon_with_face:


Fair enough mate.

Lots of nice places and food in England to be not so pessimistic, some cities in England have more blue sky days than Taipei )or at least Sun like here in Liverpool, or cafe in the library if you want be indoors

or cafe in the church