🇬🇧 UK - London | Don't travel now/Nightclubs in London

I advise you not to take your vacation now, too much traffic and airports are all understaffed. I’ll explain later.

Also, does anyone know any good nightclubs in London? Missed my connecting flight and might have to stay there. I’ll explain later.

Can’t you just stay in a hotel?

I think he’s looking for free accomodation :popcorn:

Although a night out in London can get pretty expensive …

Frankly, I’d suggest just heading to a random nearby pub for a couple of quiet drinks rather than a nightclub. If you’ve got a connecting flight sometime tomorrow you’ll probably regret a night out partying.

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Yes I meant stay in London.

Twenty years later, I still remember paying 5 quid a bottle for bud in London. In a shitty little bar. Shocked me at the time because I’d just left a bar job earning about the same per hour. Probably 20quid now.


20 can have some nice snacks and fancy drinks, has some in Hampton Hill


:astonished: 20 squids!!

That’s why I always drank at the campus bar

Though I doubt it ever got to 20 squids a beer in the midlands :joy:



Strange currency they have on that island. :2cents:

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Sadly squids probably hold value better than the British pound.

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So did you stay in Hotel or pub, how much quid did you spend?

I didn’t sleep; only on my Bolt ride.

If you watch the news you know not to travel. Understaffing all over Europe and the US. But people are gamblers and believe they’ll get lucky.

Missing luggage is a huge issue, especially through busiest airports with connecting flights such as Heathrow Avoid transfers thru there (which I have for years anyway).


My photos in Dublin Airport, I hope none in the photo went to the bin
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No Sleep, went a good pub or KTV/MTV or anywhere else good?

I’ve never seen a squid hold anything


No I just rode buses from Stansted to Luton to Heathrow being angry and tired and telling bums I don’t have local currency.

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What is there to see in Luton and Stansted? I just know Luton has good Indian food and cafes, what else is there to see there? Stansted is far away (Kent?) what was there to see?

He’s talking about inter airport transport. Those are all airports.