🇬🇧 UK - London | Heathrow Airport food options

My Taiwanese friend arrived at LHR Airport and is doing the 10 day hotel (Airport area ) lockup, so she needs to order food to the room. She was asking me for a Taiwanese or good Asian options besides Tesco ready meals. Hope they are part of UBER eats or like service within the airport area. Any experiences or recommendations as her school recommended some Asian fast food options but was looking for better options if possible?

She knows she is not in Taiwan? She should accept the food provided. Any other rude thoughtless replies etc.

Just being sarcastic. That’s the response when people complain about the food supplied in quarantine in Taiwan.

But I can’t help.


ha ! Yes quarantine food. Wonder how Taiwan ranks ! Back to the topic, I searched Tesco, has some interesting and cheap options (not sure tastes good) like: Naked Rice Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry 78G (tesco.com)

or this (looks better at NT$39 with a card)
Sharwoods Japanese Katsu Curry 250G (tesco.com)

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She can try Wagamama. It’s a chain restaurant so there might be one (or more) near/in Heathrow.

It’s also one of the worst restaurants of all time. Their food is fucking horrific.


If it’s so bad why did you suggest that ?


Outside of chinese take aways and some shitty knock offs like wagamamas there isn’t a whole lot.

Why is it fucking horrific? I admittedly haven’t been to Wagamama in over a decade (and probably had the same dish, katsu curry, every single time), but I don’t remember it being too bad…especially if the person in question is missing Taiwanese MOS Burger and 7-11 food. I’d choose Wagamama over those 10 out of 10 times.

Because it was a joke.

Except it is inedible. What they serve is offensive. I’d take MOS burger over Wagamama’s poison any day.

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I didn’t find it inedible/offensive/poisonous so that’s not my experience, but fair enough.

I think it depends what you get there. Japanese currys are hard to screw up, i usually get the fried udon thing they have which is pretty good. But their “ramen” is weird and really bad.

Honestly any hip looking asian places in england should be a red flag, they are crap.


Yuck. Yuppie food for Yuppies that have never been to Asia.

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I walk pass it everyday day to the post office to drop of packages. I can see why it’s a hit for westerners. I would never eat there myself.

Honestly, British takeout Chinese is alright. I put it in it’s own category of food, it’s not authentic. There are a few Taiwanese restaurants in London but I don’t think any near Heathrow.


Here is a great chain albeit expensive. Soho one is the best.
BAO® – Official Site — Food & Drink (baolondon.com)


Yeah this one is pretty good but that’s expected as the owner is actually Taiwanese. It’s extremely expensive for what it is though. A bun is like £5 and super tiny. And it’s nowhere near Heathrow.


If you want affordable Asian chain in London, Eat Tokyo is a lot better. It’s not particularly good or authentic but it’s alright. A set menu is like £8-9 which is very cheap for London. I’m not sure if there’s a restaurant within delivery distance to Heathrow though.

And I’m not sure I would describe Wagamama as “hip” or “yuppie”. It’s in the same line as Prêt-a-manger to me.


Thanks and the phots look great!

So does Texas or London have better Asian food? I spent more time in Texas and Houston with it’s large Taiwanese base has some good places, not sure how London compares now days (it been a few years since I visited and I hear it’s much better now)

Seconded. If you go to a Matsu-Ben in Japan, boil it for three days and then leave it until its room temperature, its the same as a “Wags”

It genuinely is the best takeaway place in my town though.

Yo-sushi is ok.