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It’s been a while since I was there. I know a few posters are pretty familiar with London and lived there. Would appreciate some recommendations on restaurants and places to see.

How many of you are there and where will you be staying?

At Berkeley square in Mayfair. West end of London. And it’s me and my girl. So 2 people.

You are pretty centrally located. I’m sure you will take in the sights. Buckingham palace, House of commons, House of Lords. Food wise I was going to suggest a couple of Greek restaurants and ordering the Meze. Which is a 4 course meal shared by a group, but 2 is not really enough. Indian food is pretty good in London, I would avoid Chinese like the plague you will absolutely be disappointed. Unless you eat in China town and even then.


British Museum and National Gallery are the best “tourist” spots in London, if you’re into that. Gets super packed though.

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Greenwich, by far. It’s probably the only place in London that I’ve been to and actually really liked. And you can go to Sky Garden since everyone goes there. You’d have to make a reservation though. Shoreditch is good for drinks in the evening but you’re gonna stay in Mayfair so that’s a bit far.

For restaurants, I like Burger & Lobster. It’s really good.


How long will you be there?

It really depends on what you are into. Do you like historic but touristy “must sees”? Then the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey might top your list. Do you like quirkier, more eclectic, lesser-known things? Sir John Soane’s Museum might fit the bill. Markets and street food? Try Borough Market, Camden Market, Brick Lane, Spitalfields Market, or Portobello Road Market. Some markets are only open on the weekends, so check. By any measure, the British Museum is a must.

Restaurants abound. Traditional English fare? Get your fish & chips at a proper local chippie like Fryer’s Delight on Theobald’s Road, not in a pub. Adventurous and in the mood for something verrrry traditionally London? Try traditional pie and mash (with jellied eels if you dare - beware of the bones!) at F. Cooke in Hackney. You’ll have an Oyster card and Google Maps, right?

Want to see a musical or a play? Get your tickets at the “TKTS” booth on Leicester Square.

Check out “London Walks” for informative guide-led walking tours.

There really is a lot to see and do.


Jellied eels are revolting.

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The Tower of London is like the oldest complex in London and very interesting to explore and learn about imo.

They don’t sound very good.

Cold boiled eels in jelly. They’ve remained a local delicacy for a reason.

If the OP wants traditional British food this place I went to last summer was excellent. The bone marrow was a little salty, though.

Oldest fast food restaurant in London. Surprise, they love their jellied eels.

I’d eat it for the novelty value just to know what it tastes like, same reason I once endured stinky tofu, balut, live octopus, and a dozen other gross Asian foods.

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For a week. I’ve seen some of the basic tourist spots like the Tower of London and London eye. I want to see some museums and maybe a musical.

I want to eat well, nothing worse than awful food on vacation. Any restaurants that you know stand out?

Balut’s a bridge too far for me.


Not many Philippine restaurants there I guess .

Depends when you are there , but there are some average football teams there, maybe a good team coming to play against one of them.

There’s quite a lot of boxing on.

Jellied eels are filth, but the real local food can be found in a nice Pie and Mash shop, and is nice.

Covent Garden is nice for an evening, few beers and a look around.

I don’t know the good clubs nowadays.

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Why would anyone want local food in England? Ew.

Since you guys have money, I’ve heard great things about Sushi Samba and Duck and Waffle. You can enjoy the view up there since they are both on top of skyscrapers. Balthazar in Covent Garden is nice too. It’s Anna Wintour’s favourite restaurant in New York and they have a restaurant in London.

For even more high-end place maybe you can reserve a table at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. They are all hugely popular.

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Because British food can be very interesting and really delicious.


Scones are good, eggs benedict is really good (AND you can make it yourself), and English breakfast could be good (though it’s the furthest thing from interesting). That’s about it. Everything else is quite horrid.

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