UK Petition: Impose sanctions on China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims

Are you a British person or a Commonwealth citizen living in the UK? Then you might be able to sign this to help our Uighur friends in Xinjiang! Show your parliament that you care about human rights!


Yes. Make sure that only U.K. gets to use pressure techniques not the Chinese!

Because you know, the U.K. has been a torchbearer of human rights throughout the ages …

Nice whataboutism about a country that doesn’t even allow conversation about its issues.

At least we can talk about our problems, grow and fix them. :+1:

Sure. Keep “Talking” for the next 1000 years. There hasn’t been any fix. UK doesn’t have the influence anymore in the world to fool others into thinking they have some high moral ground.


I bring up a way for people to use their democratic rights and you shit on it. Would you prefer we do nothing about anything because of a screwup somewhere else?

Sorry guys! Guess we can’t stand up for our Chinese and Uighur friends because we aren’t perfect morally! :rofl:

We screwed up in the past so let’s roll over and die cause we didn’t do everything right all the time and were not enlightened from the very beginning. Let’s let China rape and pillage when it wants cause we’re not perfect. lmfao

hmmm… Illegal interrogation vs holocaust-esque levels of detention. hmmmmmmmmm


God Save the Queen!

Here you go. Button is there for you to press and start a petition about your causes.

Lol you are so full of it. It’s exactly the reason why the world cares shit about the U.K. anymore. You really want to sincerely improve HRs? Why not begin charity and home and look at U.K.s record of HR past and present. Instead of preaching around the world.

Here’s one example

But hey bomb the shit out of the Yemen people since they’re sub human anyways right? As long as “we” continue to get some money and preach to others about HR. …

I think if your god exists and has any morals itself, the last thing it should think of is saving despicable people like the British monarchy.

More whataboutisms. What am I full of? Full of shit? Where did I lie? Your mantra every time is to roll over and die because we’re not perfect.

This is a petition that was started about one issue by normal people to pressure their governemnt for greater rights. You . There are many issues that need to be fixed. But your solution is to do nothing because we’re not airtight.

I never said anything about Yemeni people. People are welcome to present petitions about that issue too and I’d agree with them. These are normal people who feel passionately towards building a world of human rights and happiness and your first thing is to defend despots and dictators. China is systematically erasing an entire culture and you’re too busy defending them because we’re not perfect.

Remember, you won’t even call Taiwan what it is, a country. Continuing to defend China. Even when we have the moral upper hand you won’t defend democracies while defending despots.

You want to do something about the issues you’re passionate about? Go do something about it. You have the freedom and rights to do so. But it’s an insult to me when you, in the name of human rights attempt to stop people standing up for human rights because they’re not perfect humans.

Here you go, knock yourself out.

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The current uk govt is taking an increasing tougher stance on China, which is about the only good thing that can be said about them.
It’s good to see cross party agreement on this too.

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Lol. Sure. Whatever dude. Keep making up facts. I don’t support despots but U.K. definitely supports China. And so does most of Europe. And they do it unofficially and officially.

I call a spade a spade. Those “normal” people will continue supporting China so since they want to exploit cheap labour. They just don’t want to admit it or for it to become an inconvenience. They care 2 hoots about human rights esp the British “normal” people. If they really cared about human rights, they’d put that above economics and convenience and say hey we stop all trade with China today and will officially urge our allies to do so. But ofcourse you’ll never see any real action like that since the common jack and Jill want their shirt for £5 instead of £10 or best and cheapest phone. But sure they’ll shout the loudest in a room saying how much they support human rights …

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Lmao do you have any evidence that my posts are lies? :rofl:

Or you just blowin hot air and spoutin nonsense over a post about petitions?

I’ve posted a petition, you know those things that enable communication by normal people to their governments? Something China never does?

It’s hard to take you seriously when your posts can be easily confused with the dribble coming from Hua Chunying.

If you’re defending dictatorships that don’t allow basic freedoms, then you got no leg to stand on as they cannot have the potential to be agents for positive change. Here in Democratic countries such as Taiwan, we have the right to push for positive change. There is no debate on the matter.