UK Radio Statons to Restrict Internet Streaming

The following comes from

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL VISITORS (18/03): From the 31st of March, many of the UK’s radio stations will be restricting live stream access to users from the United Kingdom only. This comes as a response to PPL’s announcement that they will be granting radio stations the webcasting rights to stream to audiences within the UK only. As a result, visitors from abroad will no longer be able to access these streams.

Oh dear. Is this likely to affect BBC on-line then? If I can’t listen to Chris Moyles, I’ll go mad within the week.

I suppose it remains to be seen. I guess a lot of the things which can be downloaded from the station websites may be still be OK, but the live streams may disappear from (as they put it)

This is happening in the states too. I used to be able to listen to basketball, football, and baseball games on the net all I wanted. Now it is very rare to find a game to listen to. It sucks.

What’s the point of this limitation???

I can get all the games for my favorite college team for only 4.95US$ a month.