UK travel to Taiwan

UK national here and my wife is Taiwanese. Question, could I still travel to Taiwan to see my wife as a reasonable reason?

I know I will have to stay 2 weeks in a quarantine at Taiwan pleasure so at least less cost but wanted to confirm. Maybe best to phone Taiwan embassy?


AFAIK, yes you can. Key thing is to have proof you are married.

Call the Taiwan office in London and they’ll give you a straight answer. They are very nice.

You have to get special permission from the CECC still, so it’s quite likely that anyone you speak to at the office will tell you it’s not possible. That does not mean that it’s not actually possible, but you need to frame it correctly as a humanitarian reason such as not seeing your wife is having a bad effect on your mental health, or alternatively have evidence of some important matter that you need to see your wife about.

The important thing is to communicate that you fall into one of the CECC exceptions for issuing a visa.

What if @Farway applies for a JFRV? Surely that would make things a bit easier to go in and out, no?

With the current border restrictions no visas are issued, only some special permits for humanitarian reasons. Many married people can’t meet, some are even missing their child’s birth. It seems the only humanitarian reasons for CECC are death or critically ill family member. If @Farway doesn’t mind to wait indefinitely, then yes, JFRV is a better option

Do you guys think there is any chance of Taiwan restarting to issue JFRV this year?

You can call Taiwan Representative Office in London to find out. They are very helpful.

I just sent an email to the Taiwan Representative Office in London to see if they know anything about when the processing of JFRV is due to restart. We’ll see.

Just to update all. Visa was provided for death of family member. It took 2 dayson a rapid visa application to get the visa. Posted application on Monday and picked up passport on Wednesday. Flew out Thursday.

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