Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - April to August 2022

Haha, remind you some history about Kursk submarine :rofl: :sweat_smile: :laughing:

Is @cake trying to remind us about US funded biolabs in Ukraine? Is it about infecting birds and sending them to Russia? Seriously?

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He mr @cake quoting Medvedev!!! Aaaargh. “On vam ne Dimon” is drunk everyday, and plays the most aggressive hawk in his state of delirium. No one even in the Russian elites takes him seriously, his hickname is жалкий (zhalkij), the miserable. The miserable used to be the substitute “president” for Pu in 2008-2012, at that time he played as the most liberal guy, taking selfies with iphone and Steve Jobs, now the clown playes the toughest hawk among the hawks, and everyone laughs at whatever shit he sends. @cake, be careful about who you quote not to look like a fool :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Here is a sane take on ‘Churchill’:

It is better to be an optimist than a pessimist as you live longer.

From Germany:

Germany Powering Down

01 August 2022
Ludwigshafen, Germany
Mind dump, sans edit

This does not feel like the Germany I lived in. The Germany I remember was clean, safe, orderly. Today, Germany feels like a Blue State in America. Going broke while preparing to freeze and starve. Still waving rainbow and Ukrainian war flags from the windows.

Germany is running amok. Flinging open the barn doors to invasion. Hitching crucial energy dependence to the Russian wagon after being warned by President Trump, as if adults should have needed to be warned.

And now I am in Ludwigshafen. Home of a massive BASF chemical facility on the Rhein River.

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For those who are too lazy to click or who choose to be blind to the real world:

Yet it [Germany] charges forward into the fire. Weimar-Republic-Style. The German Way. The Ragnarök-Process: Transmuting Chance into Catastrophe for which, mythologically, a cold winter is required.

The cold winter is coming. The Germanic tribes are collecting wood as quickly as possible.

Germany is an authoritarian state. Normal citizens cannot just venture into the woods to collect firewood. This is a job for specialists. And now, Germans are signing up on waiting lists for professional wood collectors to fetch their firewood.


For those who are stupid enough to buy into obvious Russian propaganda, the Germans may have a tough time for a while, but they’ll be fine. Not going to collapse. Hopefully Russia will choke on the extra gas they have sitting around.


Or allow the poor countries to buy at discounted prices and resell it at market prices. ha

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The underlined parts from the NYT say a lot.

Not a surprise though, as it usually always ends badly for the leaders of proxy war states. South Vietnam springs to mind.


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@cake. Will appreciate compare your claims on how to destroy Ukraine, compare with the padishakh himself, Ramzan Kadyrov :)))

Sorry to disappoint you.
I have not posted anything on how to destroy Ukraine.
And I am one of the few people here that does not support war or killing people.


I thouht otherwise

The majority of people here support war or killing people?

I guess now is as good a time as any:

From Sgt. 1st Class Zachary J. Krapfl’s “Defining and Assessing Lethality,” NCO Journal, February 2019, Army University Press

From a brief description of Jonathan M. Steplyk’s Fighting Means Killing: Civil War Soldiers and the Nature of Combat, University Press of Kansas

I favor the Ukrainians, but they’re fighting, and this kind of fighting means killing. So if there’s a hereafter, I guess I have some explaining to do.

I should add that, judging from @cake’s writings, I suspect that he views war, more or less, from a cui bono perspective. That is, he may think that, while mass killing is bad enough, there is the added ill that there are people who actually enjoy considerable material benefits from it.

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No, he’s just wrong about most of the people on the forum. In addition to casting dispersions on them.

Making arguments that Putin’s war is justified is, apparently, a different thing?

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One thing which is clearly consistent about Putins team. They always say and promise one thing first today, then they do a complete opposite thing next day. Ever noticed that? Maybe it is some intrinsic property of our postmodernist world? Claim one thing, but be consistent on another thing which is completely opposite in the essence to the first thing.

You think this is only done by Russian politicians and nowhere else in the world?
You are a nubie to politics if you believe this.

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I am not a politician, not even a nubie, fuck that :smiley: I am a decent guy who believes that lying is not good ) I just notice a pattern that if Kremlin says one thing, then does completely opposite (by completely I mean completely without “half-tones”), in that sense it is kind of predictable :))))