Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - April to August 2022

Googling it, it seems neither fits. How about talking shit about people.

Yeah, it makes no sense. (1) They cut a deal, then (2) they seem to go back on it with a missile strike.

But (3) the grain goes out from Odesa anyway.

Best not to lower the bar any more. Lol

To say the majority of Forumosans support war and killing people is pretty low, I would say. Talking shit, shit posting.

Cake seems to be of the mind that war and death and violence are abhorrent. So the cheerleaders on any side fail his morality tests. But he can speak very well for himself.

i tend to agree with him philosophically. War is death. Victory is violence and death. Defeat is violence and death. What’s to cheer? The agreed upon reasons for any conflict are fictions. :idunno:

Who’s cheering?

The closest thing to cheering I see are those posts that argue Putin’s war is justified. I believe it is not.

I think “casting aspersions” wins the prize on that one (edited to subtract and add :slight_smile: ), although it’s a near tie for introducing a sentence:

Edited to add, one more time:


Can you point to a single post that claims Putins war is justified?

To be clear, I’m not on Putins side either, but if you make declarative statements, it’s fair people call them out.

Cheering, gloating, mocking, taking sides. It’s all one.

Nazis, Biolabs, nato expansion, there’s plenty of them up there and in the earlier ukraine war threads

Make you a deal, I’ll go find one for every other pro war and pro killing post you point to that shows the majority of posters are pro war and pro killing

Well, plenty of that all around. I have no problem taking the side that Putin didnt need to invade his neighbor.

I think that’s a separate argument, and not one I’d enter. Geopolitically, Russia biggest problem is Iran. When the firewall between the Middle East and Russia’s southern border breaks, they are in for a world of hurt. A good old fashioned Muslim crusade.

Pro killing? I don’t know if you have been following what’s happening in the Donbas region, I haven’t been posting but it’s not pretty. I have been following.

Normally the default liberal stance is to oppose war and seek peace though negotiation. That’s absent in this conflict, that is what I take to be meant in the statement people are pro killing, in that few are looking for a peaceful resolution.

The initial argument I was making was that the declarative statement that the majority of Forumosans were pro war and pro killing was both false and just talking shit about the community. I guess i should have just flagged it and avoided all this.

It seems easy enough, for a rhetorical debate. If you back Ukraine, you are pro their victory. That means you are pro Russian military death. :idunno:

Ok, and if you don’t back Ukraine, then you are pro invasion and pro rape and pro war and pro killing? It’s the same logic.

Me, I hope the Russian military loses because that can serve as a deterrent to prevent future wars. Because i am against war and killing, as i believe most of my fellow Forumosans are


That seems more like a negative proof. Why not simply say if you support Russian aggression, you are also pro war and therefore pro violence and death .

Because that would make me a dick


Maybe, however accurate. not the dick thing. The other thing!