Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - March 2022

I’m wondering what’s your point Mick ?
I think no countries have ever tried to switch their energy dependency so quickly.

The point was to post on developments related to the Ukraine invasion by Russia, this is one of them.

So …? The EU is moving away from Russian fossil fuel as quickly as possible. US and other countries are stepping in

OK, so you think it’s a non issue, feel free to ignore related posts. Although most major media outlets are covering the story, so the rest of the world would seem to disagree with that opinion.

Even you seem to know details of the story, which seems to indicate even you are following the details.

Well Russia has an option to refuse the foreign currency it desperately needs. What ya reckon will happen on March 31st?

Ya think they will refuse getting those 100s millions of Euro a day ?

Considering 2-3 more days before rubles are needed, the f/x exchange is showing rubles’ strength. Where is its forecasted death?

They froze them out of the Western banking system. Seized their dollars and Euros and excluded them from SWIFT payments.

Now they want them to accept payment in dollars and Euros? GTFOOH. That would be daft.

I suspect they will turn the taps off on Friday. Or they switch to Rubles or some other form of payment.

The Bank of Japan cannot seize Russian foreign reserves as the country’s current laws do not allow it to do so, according to Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki.

Well, that’s certainly a snag.

I think I read Russia will accept gold as payment. Would need to check that, but would make sense.

Yes, of course it would. Its physical gold is stored in-country.
Naturally, if it forces payments in rubles, there ain’t enough rubles outside the country to cover the oil payments, and thus doing so would [artificially] support its currency, if not actually strengthen it a bit.

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You obviously don’t understand how much Russia needs that money .

I’m interested in the thought processes involved here.

Russian soldiers who seized the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster drove their armored vehicles without radiation protection through a highly toxic zone called the “Red Forest”, kicking up clouds of radioactive dust.

The regular soldiers one of the workers spoke to when they worked alongside them in the facility had not heard about the nuclear disaster



It was fake footage. It’s been completely debunked.

Others have pointed it out, no need for the deep long analysis.

The G7 countries (including the U.S.) announced today they were demanding that Russia accept payment for oil and gas in euros and dollars. This is happening at the same time NATO is demanding (via sanctions) that Russia be blocked from accepting payments in euros and dollars.

You seem to think Russia is so desperate for money they will go along with that? Alright, you are entitled to your opinion, I would say on it’s face it’s absurd.

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Gen “Z”


You seem happy to criticise the EU rather than Russia a lot. Not sure why. Why do you think Russia won’t take Euro when they desperately need Euro ?

The EU didn’t sanction fuel supply, yet . The reasons are blindingly obvious. When March 31st comes they will still be accepting Euro.

Not being critical of anyone, just pointing out the facts.

Why would they accept the Euro while the G7 is pushing sanctions demanding that Russia be blocked from accepting Euros?

The bigger picture as noted elsewhere.

The only way this conflict could make any sense is if the G7 energy ministers realize that forcing Russia to trade in non-euros and non-dollars will structurally undermine the G7 unilateral hold of global finance and energy policy. In essence, the G7 see the non-sanction countries, particularly India and China, lining up to replace the petro-dollar


Saudi Arabia is not returning phone calls from the Biden administration and the extended OPEC-plus are not following the sanctions regime of the western NATO alliance. Which makes sense because Opec+ includes Russia, and the geopolitical dynamic appears to have fractured around the energy sector, with the western alliance chasing renewable energy and the non-sanction countries staying on course with oil and gas.

If they are to be excluded from the Euro and dollar, it seems Russia is going to do trade in other currencies, India seems to be going along with that, China would be more than pleased to see a PetroYuan, as unlikely as all that sounds, it seems like discussions are being had.

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I think the aim should be to make life a bit difficult in Russia but not to make life impossible when many nations made life impossible for Germany after World War I we ended up with Hitler and World War II this should not happen again

You do not want to corner the animal that is putins Russia you want to give it a way out If you resort to cornering Putin Russia he may use nuclear weapons then we are all cooked



@tommy525 saying something that I think is worthy of praise. Yes, be careful how you handle already volatile situations.

Looking to history is always wise, I would add the sanctioning of Japan prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, might be noteworthy also.

Indeed regarding a Japan well

We need Russia to know we are all one family and to come back to working with us and offer Russia a way out of its wrongs

Don’t starve Russia and it’s people otherwise Putin will be the Hitler that brings us to WW3.

Strain Russia a bit but promise all will be back as it were very fast as soon as they reach a peace accord with ukraine and stop this war

Soldiers are people too
Many of them have died and they are someone’s dad someone’s brother someone’s son

This is a kind of tragedy that should have ended in 1945

When will we learn to not let dictators take away our Freedom
Our food
Our family
Our lives ?

Why do we allow a Putin to exist
A Zhi to exist
A Kim to exist

Why do we allow one man to control so many ?

Mankind has suffer greatly under kings and Pharaohs
And dictators

All through out millennia

When will we ever learn as a species

We now may soon be at the dusk of mankind

We have arrived at the ability to destroy ourselves and our world