Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - March 2022

Yes because war doesn’t involve emotions.
Yeah sure.


A few of you need to watch this.


Veering away from inane shite. Or sorry something about Ukraine? :laughing:

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The discussion of this conflict can also be on the ramifications in regards to economics/economies and financial markets.
Now, if people want to cry over the death of USD hegemony, I am fine with that (even as an American). Go ahead.

And now this, which quotes Bloomberg (no April Fools joke):

According to Bloomberg, Putin said he had signed a decree demanding payment in rubles for Russian gas supplies, which is set to begin April 1 as previously reported. According to the decree, while Russia will continue to supply gas at set volumes and prices, it will demand that buyers of gas open accounts in Russian banks, and warned that Moscow can halt gas contracts if buyers don’t pay in rubles; additionally, new proceedings in EUR or USD could be blocked. Pushing what many viewed as a bluff to the edge, Putin said that active contracts will be halted if demands are not met, and explained that the move is meant to increase settlements in national currencies.

Rumpelstilskin has spoken


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