Ukraine Invaded by the Russians - September to October 2022

Watched him a few times, some of those places he visted are really depressing.

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These people were lucky to get free of the situation they found themselves in.


I thought the vote for the referendum would be the two separatist areas.
It is two others too.
I watched a video with Douglas McGregor where he said there are Poles who are calling to annex the west of Ukraine - back to Poland.

This is a good article in the NYTimes about the call up… Not only are they protesting, but young men are flying out of Russia to escape getting killed by Putin…

The insanity of the world has not yet ended… Let us hope that the downtrodden people of Russia will rise up and topple Putin and his ragbag collection of idiotic xenophobic muppets… Sooner than later…

Yeah? Then maybe the Germans and Russians can re-annex Poland. That makes as much sense.

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And also this:

Roland Oliphant and Sergio Olmos (from Izyum), “Inside Izyum – and the Russian command centre destroyed by Himars missiles” The Telegraph, September 15, 2022

And from the BBC:

Olin Guerin (from Izyum), “‘Walls full of pain’: Russia’s torture cells in Ukraine,” BBC News, September 21, 2022


What are your thoughts on Ukrainian conscription of all men (some managed to sneak out) up to 65?
Apparently women are going to be called up or already have.

Why else would Poland send all those weapons to Ukraine?


They have sent them junk (like a lot of others). Then the Poles get new, modern replacements.

Better than nothing, and can still be used against the Poles. Anyways, let us know when that annexation happens. I won’t hold my breath…

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Aside from Danny Davydov’s daily update, this guy also has great detailed information.

This is another attempt at a joke, I think? Ukraine, like other nations in the whole of Europe, like Austria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, were at various times part of each other under the aegis of empire. But those days are in the distant past. So, why do you bother referring to their irrelevant example? Today, all Poland supports Ukraine and would fight the Russians just the same as would Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania were they to be invaded.

Russia invaded Ukraine based on irrational and petty, false claims that Ukraine is somehow a part of Russia. You could also argue that long ago Russia was part of Ukraine, since Kiev was established as a city-state well before Moscow grew up. So, what would you expect? The Ukrainians have to stand up, it’s only natural in face of an aggressive dictator who wants to efface and erase a nation in the name of imperial delusions… Notice, few Ukrainians are protesting or running away? They protested against the Russian soldiers as they rolled through their towns. Ukrainian morale runs high. Meanwhile, the ordinary Russian soldiers don’t even know why they are fighting in Ukraine, so they run away, or get killed…

A long time ago Portugal and Spain were comprised by several competing kingdoms, but Portugal went off alone and so did their language. Some Spanish kings were born in Italy, like Charles the IV, who grew up speaking French yet ruled Spain, weakly, for 30 years,too. Europe is a Franken-furter of mixed up mashed up nations, languages and historical streams that frequently exchanged places from dynasty through revolution after revolution… So, there are many nations, and their peoples share characteristics. I suppose it’s almost an argument for abolishing borders and nationalities. I am all for that… “Above us, only sky…”

Finally, your sympathy for the aggressor in this situation is difficult to grasp, at all, in the first place…


Looks like Ukraine picked up some loot from their recent successful counter-offensive. A report from an NPR reporter on the front lines:

I’m in the city of Kharkiv, in the northeast of the country. And one of the things that we’re seeing is a lot of military equipment that the Ukrainians seized from the retreating Russian forces during this latest counteroffensive. You’re seeing tanks being hauled off on flatbed trucks. You’re seeing armored personnel carriers rolling through the streets. And you can tell that this stuff was seized from the Russians because the Russians have spray-painted on almost all of their equipment a white Z…

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Putin mobilizing the poor, ethnic minority areas of russia to kill them off and use them to kill off ukranians. This war is fucked up.The amount of death and destruction by Putin’s ambition to become Putin the Great has backfired. Those mobilized are going to lose their shit within the first week, eating pig shit in trenches, expired rations, an unsophisticated medical capacity for treating wounded soldiers.

This isn’t command and conquer where you can spawn AIs to go into a fight, there is fatigue, mental trauma, moral, etc. These units are going to lose their shit, there is going to be all sort of deserting and infighting. This is going to be an absolute disaster. I predict a lot of fragging.


Apparently, the cannon fodder reservists that have been called up will not be on the front line. They will be guarding borders.
There are also 2 million reservists in Russia.
The trenches were built by Ukrainians years ago. I cannot see Separatists, Chechens or Russians building any trenches.

Really? Is that what Russia said? I seem to recall they stated the reasons for the SMO and that was not on the list.

Which aggressor?
There had been bombings killing around 14,000 from 2014 onwards in the breakaway regions from the Ukrainian side.
Should the people from those regions ‘stand up’ after being bombed daily?

Plus, the corporates behind the NATO side have been doing the goading for decades.
They love war. They do not want this to end. They admitted the goal is to destroy Russia. The Rand piece from 2017 spells it out.

Iraq and Afghanistan ends. Where next for a forever war? - Ukraine.
Ukraine can be bombed to the Stone Age for all they care.

The longer it goes on, it suits the elites and shafts the ‘useless eaters’ in Europe and other places.
‘War is a racket’.

Doesn’t seem that forever to me, and the US isn’t even in the fight.

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I guess billions upon billions of US donations are for the Ukrainian oligarchs after all, then?

It’s @cake being @cake .

It’s especially bizarre in a Taiwan forum, in which I cannot recall reading a single thing from this poster remotely related to Taiwan. It’s all long-distance commentary on international politics. Why this is so remains one of the great mysteries of life.

@cake please prove me wrong by posting on some fried rice in Taipei you hated, or the benefits of youbike 2.0 versus the older 1.0 models. Anything at all. Just once. Please!



OK. I will relate everything in this thread to the 19 years I lived in Taiwan from now on.
I expect every other poster to do the same, especially those who have not set foot in Taiwan.

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