Unbreakable sporting records

Which meaningful sporting records do you reckon will never be beaten? Here are a few that will take a long time, if ever, to better.

  1. Don Bradman’s batting average of 99.94 (Cricket)
  2. Jim Laker’s 19 wickets in a single test. (Cricket)
    3.Aussie cricket team winning 16 tests in a row. (Cricket)
    4.All Blacks went unbeaten 49 games in a row (includes tour games against club teams). (Rugby)
    5.Kelly Slater’s 9 world titles.(Surfing)
    6.Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points in a single game. (Basketball)
    7.Lance Armstrong’s 7 straight Tour De Pharmacy wins.(Cycling).
    I know that North American sport is stat-driven, so what other records are gonna take some beating?

My 2000m dash from the cops with five grams of Rico Gear.

This will take some beating


My 2000m dash from the cops with five grams of Rico Gear.[/quote]
You dashed 2000m in a single day? :liar:

Wayne Gretzky- 215 points in a single season- 1986
Closest anyone has come was Mario Lemieux- 161 points.


Fernando Tatis- two grand slams in one inning.

Ed Delahanty- most home runs in one game (4) with at least two inside-the-park homers.

Johnny Vander Meer - two consecutive no hitters

Old Hoss Radbourn- 60 wins in a season (pitcher)

Al Spalding - 203 wins (pitching) in 5 seasons

Since 1934, only one pitcher has won 30 games in a season (Druggie, Denny McLain - 31 wins in 1968)

Cy Young 749 complete games. (with Randy Johnson retired, the current active leader has about 50)

[quote=“Wandering”]7.Lance Armstrong’s 7 straight Tour De Pharmacy wins.(Cycling).[/quote] :roflmao:

Oscar Chalupsky: Record eleventh win at the Molokai World Surf Ski Championship

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: epickayaks.com/about/oscarchalupsky

Oscar beat me by a full hour on the first day of The Port Elizabeth to East London Surf Ski Challenge (255km in 4 days). He did 80km of open ocean paddling in under 5 hours. This guy is a machine.

Michael Schumacher’s Formula One career major records: Most race wins: 90 (previous record beaten in 2001) and he is making a comeback. (not a fan of F1: don’t get the point of burning fuel and calling it a sport)


Oscar beat me by a full hour on the first day of The Port Elizabeth to East London Surf Ski Challenge (255km in 4 days). He did 80km of open ocean paddling in under 5 hours. This guy is a machine.[/quote]
Chalupsky beat you by an HOUR! Something else, hey! The guy must be superhuman!

Paula Radcliffe

"The best female marathon runner in recorded history. Of the seven marathons she has run, she has won six and set a record in five…

…famous for an incident where Radcliffe, feeling hindered by the need for a toilet break, stopped and defecated on the side of the road in plain view of the crowd and TV cameras which where broadcasting live." listverse.com/2007/10/02/top-10- … d-records/

Gaius Appuleius Diocles,

charioteer of the Red Stable: “He won a total of 35,863,120 sestertii”….“He took the lead and won 815 times, came from behind to win 67 times, won under handicap 36 times, won in various styles 42 times and won in a final dash 502 times”
“He made nine horses 100-time winners, and one a 200-time winner.” A hundred time winner was commonly referred to as a “centenari”.
mariamilani.com/ancient_rome … _Races.htm

Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus

the wildest orgies

Just Fontaine - 13 goals in a single World Cup, 1958

Pretty niche sporting market I know, but Barry Sheene’s quick lap of the Spa Francorchamps circuit in 1977 is still the fastest outright lap in FIM motorcycle grand prix history and is unlikely to be toppled, ever…


and . . . For The Win! . . .

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il,

On a 7,700 yard course, shot 38-under par, (including 5 holes-in-one), the first time he ever played golf!!!


End of discussion!

Lock this thread! :raspberry:

Dear Leader’s sporting prowess is unquestioned, but he is YET to win more than 8 Olympic gold medals at a single games.Perhaps Michael Phelps,Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson are due a visit to North Korea.


John Stockton’s career assists: 15,806

Second behind him, Jason Kidd has 10,516 without a chance of ever catching him.

Third place: Nash with 7922

There is no active player likely to come anywhere near that number.

According to nakedworldrecords (no link provided for decency’s sake), the most weight squatted by a naked man: “The old record of 190Kg by Christian Linde (Finland) was smashed on 23rd December 2008 by Einar B. Gilberg (Norway) with a massive 230kg.”

I strongly suggest not looking for the picture unless you’re of strong mental constitution.

I’m fairly confident that Roger Bannister’s record of being the first person to beat the four-minute mile won’t be repeated

Plus he has never recorded anything of the caliber of the England World Cup 1982 song.

Yasuhiro Yamashita:


He was undefeated in both domestic (Japanese) and international competitions with 203 wins (including four World Championship titles and a gold medal in the 1974 Olympics, despite tearing his right calf muscle in the opening round) and 7 draws (including one in the final of the 1980 All Japan Championships in which his fibula was broken during the match).

He is also the youngest person in history to win the open category of the All Japan Judo Championships.

For MLB, Rickey Henderson—1406 stolen bases. (A player could steal 70 bases for 20 consecutive seasons and still not beat Henderson’s mark.)

In the NHL, during their run of four Stanley Cup championships and a fifth finals appearance, the New York Islanders won 19 straight playoff series, the longest streak in the history of professional sports (one more than the 1959–67 streak by the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association).

Whatever best times Usain Bolt finishes his career with in the 100 and 200 will be pretty much unbeatable … that guy’s insane!