Understanding the Point System ARC Option

Has anyone here completed the point system ARC process? The few people I have heard from about it have all had vastly different experiences.

Here is the government site on this (and other) work permit(s).


how many points do you get for teaching the points system?

This point system doesn’t apply to teachers, right? So all the origninal requirements like minimum salary, hours, etc, remain the same.

It says “for specialized or technical works under each category”, so it is not applied to teachers.

The minimum salary for buxiban teachers are 160 NT/hr and 14 hr/week.


Yeah, I mean the minimum salary for teachers. I can’t understand how they don’t make it easier for graduates in majors related to English teaching if they want to become a bilingual country, and they need so many new teachers…

Do you mean English teachers at buxiban should be allowed to employed with an hourly rate lower than the minimum wage of this country?

160NTD/hr, 14hr/week is 9734 NTD/month.

Or, if you mean teachers at public schools, they need teaching license and passport. Salary is fixed.

I mean non-natives should be allowed to be hired by schools to teach whatever they’re qualified to teach, it makes no sense than a random lawyer from the US can be legally hired to teach English while a non-native speaker may have 20 doctorates in teaching English but still not able to work as en English teacher.

Not allowing graduates from their own universities to teach English just because they’re foreign is like admitting that their universities aren’t good enough to prepare good teachers.

I think I understand your point, but if non-native graduates of from local univ are good enough, do they need native foreign English teachers?

They do because In Taiwan its not the schools but the parents who tell the school what they want. For a school it doesnt matter who is teaching english because they will pay the same except taiwanese teachers are paid less than foreign ones . But in Taiwan , for parents having their children being taught by someone who is native and speak in native toungue is what matters. Its the “idea” that their children under the presense of a native speaker will become native is the philosophy.What the teacher’s qualifications are, doesnt matter. Ofcourse some schools are exceptions but majority works in this way.

I think the system is applied to translate jobs.

Taiwan has enough waiters so doesn’t need to import them, if they had good and enough English teachers it’d be the same case.

I guess we all know what many parents and bosses look for when it comes to hiring foreign English teachers, but this system still facilitates that Taiwanese cram schools hire people who aren’t even teachers over other native speakers that are actually teachers, but they might be “too old” or look different from what they think an English native speaker looks like…