Unemployed but Wife has job: what kind of visa can I get?

Hello community,

My wife and I will be moving to Taiwan in just a couple of months. We have mainly been looking at Yilan County, but are stretching our search to Nantou and Taichung.

When we get there, (or preferably before) my wife intends on finding a job teaching English. Once that is accomplished, she can get the ARC card.

I, on the otherhand, will be doing research for my PhD dissertation, unofficially. I am enrolled in a school here in the US. I would like to pick up some tutoring gigs with adults, but as I have a fair amount of funding coming in, which would carry us for quite some time in the above mentioned areas which are super cheap, I do not need to rush to find a job. Finishing my research by the mandatory deadlines will be a full-overtime job in of itself.

My question: If my wife gets the ARC card and therefore residency etc, what would be my visa status? Will I have trouble staying in the country, constantly having to renew and reapply, or since I am married to someone with residency, would that be all cleared up?

Thank you SO much in advance! I tried searching the forums, but with the 114 pp of results that came up I gave up around p 20 after not finding the answer.

You could try and get an JFRV Visa,but im not 100% if you can for a teaching job.Best thing to do is Ring the NIA in taiwan they are all English speaking and can tell you the facts

why not get your school in the USA, officially, to get your visa for you on the correct terms: as an outside researcher doing research in Taiwan. Such a visa category does exist.

Thank you! I will look into that. :sunglasses: