Unexpected tour guide offers (for adults) at taipeinights.com.tw

Wasn’t expecting to see offers like this for activities in Taipei.

  • “…women take you to a private room and attend to your inner desires. Like everything, you’ve got to pay to play, and how deep your pockets are determines how much fun you get.”
  • “Don’t worry if you haven’t found true love, they are just fucking someone else at the moment”.
  • “Knowing which parlors offer happy ending services and which ones are strictly therapeutic in nature is critical for seeking pleasures in Taipei. Embarrassment, humiliation and even harassment punishes naive newcomers day after day. But Taipei nights has all the insights to spas and the hidden delights awaiting you inside.”
  • “There are surprisingly few Westerners in Taipei and as a result, you will get more attention from normal girls compared to other cities such as Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia, Japan etc……”
  • Apparently, from the pictures, girls won’t need their panties.
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I never understood why people want to sing with escorts and all that. I get paying for sex, but why are you paying for girls to sing with you?


A horny fool and his money are soon parted…


If someone really wanted to do this, a cheap flight to Thailand of a SE Asian country would be much more fun and not even that expensive. Taiwan does not really feel like it would be the place to do all of this.

I mean, it depends on one’s definition of “fun.” I have little respect for SE Asia sex tourists (or sex-pats). But I guess at the very least they’re not getting “Taiwan” mixed up with “Thailand” like the people signing up for this idiocy.

I believe Taiwan actually has a higher percentage of women in the sexual services industries than Thailand (the figure I’ve seen is 400,000 in the special entertainment industry). Hard to believe I know. It’s just a bit more hidden.

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I think there must be some type of error in that calculation. Maybe the 400,000 includes all connected with the industry like KTV staff, etc. or old data when brothel on every corner or something else.

A sample estimate for Taipei even if double or triple the numbers, doesn’t match. Any other estimates?

80 adult KTVs in Taipei area x 20-30 girls per = 1600-2400 x 2 for girls online, etc.= 1600-2400 online, etc. = 3200-4800

160 adult KTVs in Taipei area x 200-300 girls per = 32000-48000 + online, etc. 5000 = 37,000-53,000.

Yes, the 400,000 includes waitresses, valets etc. etc. But it doesn’t necessarily include free-lancers. 400,000 means 1 to 2% of Taiwanese are involved in some way in special entertainment…Remember this means barber shops, KTVs, piano bars, night clubs, bars, dodgy teahouses and cafes, saunas, massage parlors, hotels with dedicated sex floors, straightout brothels, etc. etc.

Also you need to look at places like Tainan where it’s rampant. You go to a business hotel down there the first thing once you get in the room is the phone rings and they ask “you want a girl for the night?”

Are they including betelnut girls too? Because then I could believe it. :thinking:

That’s just retail industry…