Unfunny Comedy in Taipei

Did anyone see the CSI comedy bomb a couple of weeks ago? The same people are doing another one called ICET at Citizen Cain on April 29th. I’m not sure how unfunny comedians can justify charging a cover, even one as low as $100. The last time I paid for something so painful, it was called a root canal, not a comedy show.
There were a few exceptions–Dan Machanik, Chris Garvin, and Hartley Pool, though I’ve seen him be funnier. Chris is more entertaining to see in his own show when he has more time to perform.

Boom, boom! :slight_smile:

On reflection after ten years, I think you were probably right.

This is funny:

You should buy a python to use in your act. I once saw a girl in Thailand do it and the audience loved it.