Unique premier models (kris fang)

Hi there, i used to live in Taipei around 3 years ago and am back for the week, visiting family and friends. It’s been a while and i’ve fallen out of contact with a few people i’d really love to see before i leave… i know it’s a long shot, but does anyone know Kris Fang? He used to own Unique Premier Models, which was located on Ta-an rd, sec 1. i tried to reach him via email, mobile phone etc, but nothing works. i’ve also visited his old office, but it’s gone without leaving a forwarding address. google only brings up old articles, the most recent of which is dated 2002. does anyone know kris? do you know where he is or how i can reach him? i have a feeling he may have moved to the US… any leads would be most appreciated! cheers, heiko.