Unitarian Universalist (UU) or Pagan

those customs may be similar to (Christian’s) customs such as sharing small crackers and wine, Halloween, or Christmas. I think you also have seen red posters on gates.

With less burning :slight_smile: there is incense for some denominations though. I always looked forward to that in church most

ah yes, Halloween and Christmas. The Christian traditions that existed in Europe for at least 1,000+ years before the the birth of Christ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was wondering what was meant by pagan as this can include any folk religion from any country. i once lived next-door to a catholic priest who was doing outreach work, and he referred to any pre Christian religion as pagan. i also have friends who are practising draoidhean (for over 30 years you would think they would have worked it out by now) who won’t use the word pagan.
There are many new age shops in my home town who make a killing from all the Neo Wiccan/Pagans who sort of form into little groups, ever since Buffy became mainstream. Most of these start off quite harmless or aimless, but you always get the ones who want to be the most hardcore.
Then there is the Christian influenced/based Paganism, that combine parts of the bible and folk religions like Vodou or Diabolism.

Maybe an expansion of the OP beliefs of what is wanted of a group would help people point them in the right direction.


There’s definitely a community aspect to it, but the local traditional religion seems more like a binding element for the community at large than an additional source of close-knit community activity. But there are all kinds of Buddhist, Tai chi etc., and more culty groups for that