United Mix

I’ve been meaning to write this one up for a while now, because it has become one of my favourite places to eat. United Mix is located at #86 Siwei Road, behind Le Petit Sherwood at the corner of Dunhua and Xinyi Roads. It’s run by a trio of Grandma Nitti’s “graduates”: Davin Yeh, Ellen Lin and James Chen. Together they’d given Grandma Nitti’s a whopping 20 years, and motivated by the desire for more freedom to travel, they decided to open their own establishment, so that one of them could be travelling at any given time, while the other two covered. United Mix has floor to ceiling windows on two sides, yet never gets too hot or sunny, thanks to a patio that is shaded with overhead vines. According to Davin, they wanted to create an atmosphere that would be easy-going and welcoming to everyone, both foreigner and local alike. The food should appeal to a wide variety of diners as United Mix is just that - a medley of cuisines, all characterized by a familiarity with the ingredients, and the understanding that those ingredients must be fresh. United Mix offers great specials - around $200 NT for the weekly lunch time specials, and around $300 for the evening specials. Credit cards are accepted, as are reservations. You can call them at 2754-4981.

Recently, they’ve opened a lounge in the basement called “Couches”, (which is especially good for private parties.) According to James the music is designed to allow everyone to just “chill out”. Prices are $150 for beer, $180 for highballs, and $200 for most cocktails. There’s no cover. I rented out the whole place for a birthday party earlier this year, and they handled everything very well.

For me though, the best part of United Mix is Sunday Brunch, where I always order the special, and where I have always been pleasantly surprised. Don’t miss this place, folks! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Seconded, with a special mention for the best omelettes you’ll find anywhere in this town. Oh, and home-made bread if you’re lucky.

I’d heard it recommended before and have been by few times, I think they were weekend nights. Each time it was almost completely empty and seemed uninviting. It sounds like Sunday brunch is the time to go, huh?

They do have an interesting assortment of artsy stuff in the basement.

I took your recommendation and went there with a bunch of friends/co-workers today and we had a really great time! About half of us went with the special (banana pancakes, sausage, eggs, fruit and tea/coffee - for $280)! It was REALLY yummy! We were all stuffed beyond belief! Nice atmosphere, nice decor! I am definitely going there again! We went early afternoon (2ish) - it started getting a little busier by later afternoon.

I’d been trying to figure out where Couches was - sounds like I found a good eating spot too, thanks for the info.

The good folks at United Mix asked me to post their new lunch menu, so here it is:

Lunch Set Menu

(All meals include soup, & coffee or tea)



Seafood with cream & tomato sauce

Chicken with pesto sauce


Honey mustard chicken leg

Malaysian chicken curry

Burger Steak with BBQ sauce

Mexican & Wrap

Beef Chimichanga

Chicken Fajitas

Greek Wrap

I’ve had most of the items on the menu, and for the price, it can’t be beat. :sunglasses:

Poagao took me there once and I didn’t like it. The food wasn’t all that great, and the service kind of sucked. Don’t like Grandma Nitti’s much either, so go figure.


I go to United Mix once a week for lunch, and though it might not exactly be some highclass Western food joint and I wouldn’t necessarily take a detour there, I think the lunchtime special/set menue is a good bargain, the soup and dishes are usually quite tasty, service is okay to nice, and I always like their music.

I didn’t like Grandma Nitti’s the only time I went there. But I’ll definitely go on having lunch at United Mix.


Are the lunch specials at United Mix valid on the weekend? Or do they have different specials for the weekend brunch crew? Thanks.

I couldn’t tell but I’d guess that the lunchtime specials are only good from Mon to Fri. I can check that next week (had my weekly lunch there yesterday).


I asked whether the lunchtime specials were valid on weekends, too, today, but as expected, they are not. Sorry, didn’t ask if there are any weekend specials. It’s convenient for me to go there during the week as it’s just around the corner from my office, but it’s sort of out of the way on weekends for me (anyway, I don’t have anybody for weekend brunches, and it wouldn’t be fun going on my own).

Still, it sounds like those weekend brunches are worth it.


I just made a shocking discovery during my lunchbreak: United Mix will close down :shock: :cry:

The last day in business will be March 19. When I paid, I asked about the reasons but the guy couldn’t answer me, and the others weren’t around that moment.

I’ll miss my Chicken pesto spaghetti and the Thai Chicken Curry :frowning:


[quote=“iris”]I just made a shocking discovery during my lunchbreak: United Mix will close down :shock: :cry:

The last day in business will be March 19. When I paid, I asked about the reasons but the guy couldn’t answer me, and the others weren’t around that moment.[/quote]

Seems obvious to me. The last five times I went there, I was the only customer.

Pity. I liked their omelettes, and they made some nice soups. Think I’ll drop in more often than usual between now and march 19.

His boyfriend was transferred to Hong Kong recently and he’s following. Isn’t that sweet? :slight_smile:

I am a regular at UM (almost every weekday for lunch) for reasons I cannot name without revealing more about myself, but all in all it’s not too bad. A little rich for my pocket, but it’s nice to eat Western food and the food there is great. The music is awesome and the artwork, currently the Couches picture, is cool. It’s such an uber-hip place to eat and hang out. I wish they still had the daily specials, but their soups are incredible.
You must have the philadelphia wrapper. It’s not a suggestion…it’s a command.
But honestly, kids, I have had some interesting times there, just eating. It’s where I spent part of the day with a girl that I met on the street and wound up spending over 10 hours talking all within a block radius. That day ended at what used to be Milk which used to be Juice which is now a clothing boutique. :shock:

Iris, we should meet up for lunch there again before it closes next month… :cry:

Wait a minute…what if we held a segue get-together at United Mix on like a Friday night? Rent out Couches if we wanted…anyone? PM me if you’re interested.


Your post serves as a good obit. for this once-fine establisment.