Universities that don't require writing characters by hand?

Curious if anyone has taken courses at a university in Taiwan where you can submit assignments by typing them up and printing them out, rather than writing characters by hand? I have carpal tunnel and I want to learn Chinese, but I don’t want to learn how to write characters by hand because it’s frankly painful


I’m surprised they don’t give you special dispensation. You’ve given them a note from a doctor, yeah?

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Are you looking for a degree program or a language course?

a language course

haven’t started classes yet, still looking at different universities. A doctor’s note sounds like a good idea.

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I think it’s the best way forward. The university can’t punish students for any physical issues.

Meanwhile in China, students with injuries that mean they can’t handwrite have had to learn to write using their foot.

Interesting. Hand writing in general (and here including printing as well) ) in the modern world is pretty much dead. The only place in school it is necessary is maybe for testing - and a workaround should be not that difficult to figure out.

Typing is an absolute essential skill that needs to be taught from around grade 6 on, imo.

Let us know what you can figure out.

You can come to TMC to learn Chinese
But i can’t give you a visa
I am not a university

  1. We are 2-6 people in small class
  2. Focus on speaking (50%)

Getting a doctor’s note won’t hurt but I doubt you’ll need anything just go tell the professor you can’t write by hand. There shouldn’t be any problems.

Yet I am often found handwriting for numerous things.

Writing Fapiaos and a variety of forms. Application forms, information forms and more.

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In Canada these days, almost all applications are done online (sometimes even if you want to hand write it, you can’t), very, very, few receipts would be handwritten, and even my person notes/lists (which I love writing) are half in electronic form.

I find and the insistence on a digital form annoying sometimes, but I have learned to get used to it. My point isn’t that I prefer hand-writing, but it definitely seems to be going away, and if you have to, you can survive without it (although in specific instances it might not be possible - and maybe in Taiwan right now it is likely more difficult than Canada).

What are you?

Whew, me either

Private school
private company
Private institution
So the curriculum can be flexible

UPDATE: BiggusDickus is right. A uni that I’m looking at said I don’t have to write by hand

It had to happen eventually.