University in Taipei offering Economics courses in English?

I’ll be applying for grad school (back in the states) this coming January, and one of the pre-reqs for my program (Int. Rel.) are courses in macro- and microeconomics. I’ll have to get these courses in before my potential starting date in Fall 2009, but I’m planning on being in Taiwan until mid-spring 2009. I’m trying to figure out what my options are (online courses, going home, etc.), and I’m wondering if anyone knows of any universities in Taipei that offer economics courses in English.

I know this is the studying Chinese forum, but it seemed like the most pertinent forum to post in.

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You will find some courses at NCCU. Go to and then click on “courses taught in English”. You can see there are quite a lot.

The prerequisite courses for graduate programs are also offered in a special package in the summer. Call the Office of International Programs in NCCU for further details, as those may have a different code from the regular ones. Back in the day, I took Statistics and Accounting under this system. Oh, yes in English.

By the way, maybe your future university has some kind of agreement with NCCU. Check it out. I know a couple of people who transfered credits faster this way.


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