University [location unspecified] moved to online courses until next semester

This is insane, my school is kicking everyone out until next semester. Half of my corridor is gone before I even got to say goodbye. Anything similar going on in Taiwan? Like sheesh, this was an abrupt end.

OP: Where are you? You’ve posted this in “Northern Taiwan Events”, so in northern Taiwan?


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afaik not yet.

I only paid my kid’s sky high tuition fees 2 weeks ago, so hope not. They wouldn’t choose the same fee for online right?

Were getting reimbursed for a third of our housing but the rest is all the same price. It’s bullshit

lil slime ANGERY :imp:

they are in the US.
so many private and public universities telling students not to come back for rest of semester.
Guess for $70k/year, those students won’t get to experience the ivy league schools up close, but from the Internet, hahahahaha


Which uni is it?

I’m still confused: are we talking about Taiwan? I haven’t heard about any universities being closed in Taiwan, and if it’s happening, I’d better start figuring out online classes really quickly.


I think OP is talking about US univ, and asking if it is happening in Taiwan. I don’t know why this thread is in northern taiwan events category.


didnt care enough to find the proper category

And yet you hope we care enough to answer your question… :wall:


and looky here ur responding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The University of California system and the California State University system likely to extend online instruction through Fall 2020:


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