Unknown creature in Kanas Lake 新疆喀纳斯湖现湖怪群

unknown creature in Kanas Lake 新疆喀纳斯湖现湖怪群 <== Neat Youtube video.
And just so you know its true…

Legendary lake ‘monster’ is captured on camera

Looks delicious.

Cool stuff!

Probably some kind of whale.

That sucks. I was there 4 years ago, but none of those things showed up when I had my camera.

Of course, something did eat one of the tourist group, but we figured it was just a fox or something.

quite obviously a squad of vicious aquatic rabbits

Jeemy Cartur better watch out!

Jeemy Cartur better watch out![/quote]

China’s Elite Marine Units of FrogBunnies are Not to Be Messed With!

Mmmm…frog bunnies…

Note the tight grip on the foliage(recoil absorbing), and pustule tossing implements forming on all four batteries!

Mutatis Mutandis…

I swear TC has a brain implant that enables him to upload mental images on his computer. This happens far too often… FAR too often. :laughing: :notworthy: :laughing: