Unnecessary moderation



How about a “so-called judge”? :smile:

I think Jotham is confusing one thread-with-deleted-Andrew-posts with another thread-with-deleted-Andrew-posts. You know, the other one about dating tips, that included mini-rants about Trump.


Off topic but that’s why I don’t usually reply nowadays. Too many one post wonders that never contribute thereafter once they have the answer. Defeats the purpose of community forums


TG, I’ve probably argued this before, but why not disable replies to ad posts? We can PM any poster anyway with questions and they can modify their post if we point out issues. (Personally anyone who looks to charge a fee to help you get laid is fair game and these posts have always been roundly ridiculed on these boards.)


On this specific issue: would it help to change the formatting style slightly in the advertising section? I didn’t post in that thread anyway, but I also didn’t realize it was in the advertising forum. Sure, that information is there if I look closely at the top of the page, but I almost never do that.


It doesn’t sound like you understand.

As I told you, you are free to discuss anything (including the legitimacy of any particular business) in discussion forums, where normal moderation rules apply regarding personal attacks and that sort of thing.

You are not free to discuss anything in advertising sections.

That seems neither complicated nor onerous to me. No one is stopping you from discussing anyone. They are merely telling you that you cannot do it at that particular location.

And anyway, if the service provider has to provide evidence for you, what is stopping him from asking you for evidence that you are qualified to judge whether his services are up to snuff, and so on ad nauseum?


So turn the f*cking comments off. Its so simple.


I agree.

Or at least make the classifieds section look different somehow, as lostinasia recommended. Without either of those changes, this situation is going to keep happening in the future, which would cause the mods to lose even more patience over the issue.


That’s ridiculous. People just need common sense and discretion, and mostly they do. It’s just one person really, who would have done it no matter what it looked like.

Comments are often constructive or help answer many people’s pertinent questions.


Yes, but there’s always that one person innit?


To be fair, you did talk shit about my girl. One the one hand it’s fair game, because of what I’m billing myself as, so I get it. On the other hand, I never claimed she was the baddest bitch in the club (she’s never been in one); I’m at the point in my life where I wanted to lock down a good girl, and as we all know 8’s are rarely going to become good housewives. That doesn’t mean I can’t approach a hired-gun club girl to help someone else in their quest to bed that type. It also doesn’t mean that’s as high as I can bat looks-wise. Looks aren’t everything.

I am grateful for the good feedback though, thanks for that. And really, I don’t care if anyone questioned me, it’s healthy skepticism.

The fact that you ran to your girl for her opinion on the matter was odd, though. I think she was just stroking your ego because she followed me on IG (I did not follow back).


Jeez, just when you thought the last of the PUA-holes had been cleared out…they’re back like the first roaches of spring…

Which bars should I hit in Taipei?

I’ve read some of the PUA stuff before , Rational male, the game, it’s an interesting concept but while it may work on some select girls in the USA , it definitely doesn’t work in Taiwan.

There is no way to “game” Taiwanese using American methods, the practicer just comes across as an ahole.


No one needs to stroke my ego I do it enough myself lol. And I think you and I are using a scale, I don’t think we’re even battling in the same league.


This is the age we live in now lol. Great to know you didn’t follow her back. I don’t know how any self respecting man cares so much about Instagram followers and likes.


Come on, you’re on there too so it means you care some. Otherwise what’s the point of posting?

You’re right, we’re in different leagues dude. I’m batting in the minors, but my ad was aimed at the pee-wee leagues, clearly not at you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right, “game” has to be calibrated for different cultures, settings, girls, etc. It’s a constant balancing act. American girls are ball-busters, TW girls less so. American girls require hard teasing, TW girls like some teasing but keep it lighter. American girls are heavily into feminism, TW girls less and are far less willing to go Dutch or turn down your offer to open doors for them. TW good girls are more likely to be virgins. They’re more likely to want you to formally ask them to be your GF (American girls don’t expect this). TW bad girls in clubs are just as likely being paid to be there. If you’re after a show girl, ask her if she wants to make some extra money on the side (not joking, and you’re probably not going to date a girl like that anyway), etc.

All of this is why I posted my ad. If nobody bites then nobody bites, and if guys just want to buy me a couple drinks then that’s cool too. It’s just about saving dudes time: not everyone wants to plow through page after page on a site like rooshvforum for tips and advice, they just want answers to their questions (without some asshole telling them to read the entire forum) or someone who’s willing to approach for them when they’re too shy (I used to be that guy too, now I have no qualms).

We all have our hustle in life, all us dudes who live in TW know that very well. If someone wants to hate on me for starting another side hustle then they just reek of that…hating. Andrew’s advice was good, but he came across as trying to shut it down. He can start his own ad if he wants, it’s a free country. Show me what’s up, right? I gave him his dues for clearly being a baller in life (he is).


[quote=“Andrew0409, post:35, topic:159357, full:true”]
No one needs to stroke my ego I do it enough myself lol. [/quote]

That’s now considered a harmless activity by most, but don’t do it toooo much, or you risk straining both your ego and whatever you stroke it with.


[quote=“yyy, post:39, topic:159357, full:true”]

If you stroke your own ego too much, will you grow hair on your brain?


You probably have, and it’s definitely been considered. However, as can be seen in the forums, it’s a useful feature for handling a variety of ordinary inquiries, updates, etc. I’m not inclined to disable it for that reason.

I’ll look at ways of making things more obvious as has been suggested. The forum rules were a lot more prominent with the old software. It hasn’t been an issue too much lately, but obviously it was here.


It sounds like you’re assuming the ego is inside the head.

And that’s all I’m gonna say. :slight_smile: