Unnecessary moderation

We were having a bit of fun in the thread for the guy posting as a dating coach. No one acted rude, our opinions differ but we acted respectful. I don’t see why half of the conversation got deleted. As far as I can tell no rules were broken. It wouldn’t hurt to let us have a little fun as no one was being offensive in any way.


I was horrified by what I saw. I bridled myself from saying anything, but now seeing you actually justify what I think is reprehensible. First of all, legally, in common law case, I believe this is called tortious interference, and probably actionable. And for good reason.

But never mind the law, morally speaking, I was aghast that people don’t have discretion, can’t demarcate that fine line between political opinion and business. Sure you have fun with someone you disagree with on politics, and it’s all part of the art of debate. But to carry that same difference of opinion and go after someone’s attempt at business is crossing a line. Because you think someone with a certain political opinion couldn’t possibly do something that you think you and those of your own political opinion own the monopoly on, was the first thought that came through my mind.

I never understood Taiwan’s law criminalizing all opinionative speech just because it is negative against someone…until today.

I wondered if more people than me had similar reactions, but now I see the thread was locked, I feel that was more than correct.

Please note the posted forum rules:

The Forumosafieds are intended solely for people to advertise jobs, products, and services. It’s not a discussion forum or a venue for casual conversation.

I think part of the problem here is that if you have your feed set to display the latest posts, you don’t even notice what category they’re in. We thought we were having a discussion in one of the regular discussion threads, not even realizing in was in the ad section.

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It killed the fun.

Don’t kill the fun if you want a vibrant forum…


If the OP had issues I’m sorry. But it seemed like he was in part of the fun. Under a normal ad i get it. But it was the type of thread that would naturally develop some talk. I think that was one of the situations where you just let it. Moderation is important but I feel the forum would benefit from having moderators that can let things be unless there was a issue. I mean there’s maybe 20 consistent guys here daily. Don’t kill the fun for us that stick around if it’s not hurting anyone.


Agree. I feel like there’s not a lot of new people here. Most come for a post and never return it seems.

I just felt like our conversation wasn’t just some casual conversation. It was completely related to the topic and we were having a bit of fun. It just seemed like a situation to let things be unless it got out of control or if the op took issue. If the op for the ad was in on the fun. Why stop it. He’s trying to be a life/dating coach it seems completely appropriate for him to be fun and keep it light to draw customers.

Totally agree. If anything, the OP’s willingness to engage in a little good-natured repartee with the other posters adds credibility to the type of service he’s offering. If I were in the market for this type of thing, this is probably what I’d want to see in a coach.

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There was an issue. That forum specifically isn’t intended for that purpose. It’s intended for people advertising various things. In my experience, by far most people don’t care to have advertisements for business ventures, items for sale, etc dissected, joked about, criticized, etc etc., and that is not the intent of those forums. We don’t offer people the service of free ads so that they can spend their time having to defend themselves against all comers. Nor do I see it as a useful function for me to try to parse who won’t care, find it amusing, etc etc. If he, you or anyone else cares to discuss his business, there are many other forums here in which that can be done without any problem whatsoever, and you are welcome to start such a thread.

I will admit that over the years after having to moderate many such threads despite posted rules, I’ve developed a distinct impatience over the issue. This is the only way it makes sense to me though. As the rule states, off-topic and critical posts in Forumosafieds get deleted. It’s strictly for advertising and replies that aren’t some kind of question or constructive comment will be removed.


If people had enough sense and good judgment, those rules would be unnecessary. There is plenty of vibrant fun to be had on topics. But to not have discretion to know where to draw the line or even pretend to not know it was an ad (which I highly doubt) is the pretense of assumption. The poster seems very magnanimous about it all, but I doubt he posted that in jest, and not in earnest.

Some prospective clients take great stock in what people’s opinion is on a service/product. What was expressed was detailed enough to drive away most of those kinds of people. If you aren’t aware of that, that’s just irresponsible. If you are aware and did so purposely to turn away customers, that’s a bit even more sinister, I would hardly call it fun.

The moderator did absolutely right in upholding this very reasonably policy, which unfortunately takes the place of personal discretion.

If I call into the credibility of someone providing a service what’s wrong with that. If I feel like someone may be unqualified or scamming, not saying he was, should people not say something. If you do look at my comments that are not deleted you can clearly see I was trying to help him and others by making what he’s trying to do more clear and credible.

You can start a thread to discuss anything you like. But you cannot post opinions and discussion on an ad in the ad section.

It’s really quite simple. Those are the rules.


I understand those are the rules. What I’m saying is because of the nature of what he’s trying to do. It seems fitting that he should be questioned a bit about his credibility. It’s not like he’s selling an actual product where I can see is a clear scam or BS. Or a service like a barber that’s very clear. It’s really hard to judge and gauge in this instance if he is capable of providing what he says. He even left us his Instagram. It’s like like we dug it up. It made sense to me that he should have to provide some credibility to what he’s doing because it’s not an actual product, and we judge previous services he provided like seeing clients haircut.

Yeah, I think due to ththe fact what he’s trying to do is not a product I can see, or a service people can clearly see if it’s good or bad right off the bat. There should be no issue for him to engage with people and provide credibility as someone who is trying to do what he does.

Yes, you tell your friends, that’s all well and natural. But on forum for ads, as I said before, a company can sue someone who is actively diverting clients, for whatever reason.

I’ve contemplated placing ads before, but was dissuaded precisely because of this kind of thing. That’s why when I see it done to others, it raises my ire a bit. Sorry about that.

No legitimate judge would find what I’m doing tortious interference. Take down the drama a notch.

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You were aghast huh?:smirk: where were we discussing politics? What are you talking about?

It’s not necessary or your place to be able to see scams or not and warn off others when you suspect. That’s personal discretion. Every one has it and can keep it to themselves.