Unofficial Forumosa Cycling Club 2020

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the unofficial Forumosa Cycling Club. Whether you’re just coming for a family trip, seeing relatives, signed a contract for a year or two or in for the long haul, all are welcome!

First, I would like to apologize to those that have been interested in group rides for the past year and a half. Unfortunately, due to some changes in my personal and work life, I am unable to host small group rides on a regular basis, but I, as well as the members of the Forumosa community, are still here to answer any questions about cycling in Taiwan!

See you on the road!

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FYI it’s July.

It’s August.

Still July where I am. Until Saturday.


Would love to join but not in Taiwan.

How do you guys manage to cycle in the heat? Any tips?

I’m not in Taiwan at the moment either, but I used to cycle there in the summer. Would highly recommend a good skull cap to go under your helmet to keep you cool and keep the sweat from trickling down your face. I’ve heard that proper cycling vests (or “undershirts” for the Americans) also help by diverting the sweat away from your body, but I’ve never worn one.

Would also recommend extra storage for water and cold tea bottles. I just bought one of these nifty things to mount a cage to the front of my bike:

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We cancelled July 31 here. “Stop all the clocks the great man is dead.”

long live the King.


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