Unpaid Drunk Driving Fines

Well, thank you all for the quick responses. I guess I will have to wait it out here during this virus situation.

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Even if you were allowed to re-enter Taiwan you’d be immediately arrested and sent off on the next flight to the US.

I’d take this literal get-out-of-jail-free card and keep hanging in Vietnam.

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Stay in Vietnam. Besides, job opportunities (especially for ESL teaching) will be better there than here in Taiwan over the next few years.

Just don’t be a wanker and never drive drunk again.


Same guy that called me a white knight when I told him he shouldn’t complain about his fine because he broke the law.

I would’ve been happy to have offered some advice but this fella on the legal issues Facebook page was very rude and deleted his post as soon as we all realized he was complaining about needing to pay a drink driving fine.

Dude, your best bet is to not come back here and besides, you can’t unless you have an ARC.


First time offense of drinking driving. $90,000 TWD for potentially putting yourself and others at risk isn’t steep.

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I’ve hard these special visa requests are difficult to get at this time, so best of luck.

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What is a special visa request? Does it refer to people who have a job lined up?

If only you knew that BEFORE you got one.

They said they would let people in to “fulfill business contracts” or something. Never heard it clarified exactly what they meant.

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So you should have gone to the US to drive drunk and then avoid your penalty. Pretty short sighted on your part.

Even if that’s true (which I doubt), are you saying it’s a bad thing???


Hindsight is a hell of a thing when you have a DUI.

So, the OP has an outstanding criminal record. Therefore, s/he can’t land an FET gig. Ipso facto s/he can’t get a special visa thingy and get into Taiwan. Consequently, this thread is a waste of time.

Or am I missing something?


Sounds logical.

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Maybe this special visa thing includes letting you return to Taiwan so you can face the law? :thinking:


I guess if they were that worried about that they wouldn’t have let them out.

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People with family in Taiwan but don’t have residency, having business functions etc, or any case by case situation. I’m not so sure this will apply for someone that has a DUI and split.

OP is still in the “denial stage.” Or maybe they’ve transitioned to “bargaining.” :man_shrugging:

Anyway, there are worse places to be than Vietnam. Great food, beautiful beaches, lovely architecture and sights, friendly people, and a positively exploding ESL market unlike Taiwan and every other country in East Asia, where ESL job markets are currently imploding.

OP should forget about Taiwan, learn a lesson about not driving drunk, and try to make a new life for him (her?) self in ‘Nam.


Probably not :slight_smile: I’m still wondering if they intend to let teachers with signed contracts in though.

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Indeed. It’s the standard “We’re giving you some time to leave so all this inconvenience goes away” ploy.