Unpretentious art spots


I’m looking for neighbourhood art galleries / cafes / bars / hair salons / barber shops / garages.

Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taichung…

Places that are free to exhibit in.

I’m also looking for walls that are available for paint / installation / photowallpapering.

Any ideas?


Uh, Whashang…


What kind of art do you do? I am in contact with an oil painter who runs a studio in Taipei. Maybe he would have some ideas. Email me if you would like to contact him. dionnewang@yahoo.com


Visit the www.springscream.com website and check
the link for “artsee house.”



Go to the corner of Keelung Road and
Chunghsiao East road. Walk back to the
West one long block on the left side
of Chunghsiao. Cross the street, keep
going west, and pass the coffee shop,
the kingstone bookstore and the MacDonalds…
You will probably pass the shopping mall,
too… Then you will find an unassuming
building that looks much like an office.
(More or less opposite this building
across Chunghsiao is the ICBC bank and the
Cooperative Bank, a little further east.)
Upstairs on various floors are several
different private art galleries that
exhibit art from everywhere, with an
emphasis on local talent and you can
buy it… But bring your sugar daddy
or your favorite (generous) industrialist,
as prices tend to be tightly controlled
and very, very high !