Unreasonable landlords on giving back security deposit

let’s start a thread on-unreasonable/rediculous excuses that landlords use for doesn’t want to give part/full of the deposit back…just want to get an idea of the Taiwan apts…let me start out, the landlord I had before they charged 150 USD for “carpet wearing” while we didn’t stain or mess up the carpet in anyway and only lived there for a year…but this was in the states I am asking about Taiwan actually :slight_smile:

I didn’t think they needed an excuse. My former landlord in Chiayi simply kept all of it along with the last month’s rent (I moved two months before the lease expired). As soon as I told him I was moving, he changed the lock on the door. Wisely, I had waited until all my things were out of the apartment before saying anything.

I’ve never had any problems with landlords in Taiwan…to tell you the truth, I find most landlords in Taiwan to be very reasonable…I’ve had to move out of my apartment before because I had to return to N.A. due to a family emergency…I called the landlord during the day, and she basically came that night, gave back my damage deposit, and wished me best of luck…I was required to give at least a month’s notice and I had signed a 1 year lease…but she didn’t give me any trouble and wished me the best…my rental experience in New York have been MUCH MUCH worse…

what happened in NY?

Surprisingly, I’ve met a number of local landlords who actually prefer renting to foreigners because they tend to return the apartment in better condition than they might expect if a Taiwanese had lived there.