Unregistered Posting SUSPENDED [Poll Closed on 2 Dec 02]

Segue now requires registration to post – what do you think?

  • It’s about flipping time
  • I don’t like it
  • I’m indifferent

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We’ve decided to try an experiment: to post on Segue, you must be a registered member

Some of us believe this could improve the quality of discussions and – at the same time – lower the sniping and whinging.

Do you agree?

It could be the death of Segue.

  1. Want “quality?” Go to forums where registration was always required
  2. Want fun? (And sniping, whining and bitching) Go to the open forum.

Its no coincidence that the open forum is more popular. We had a test run when a glitch stopped unregistered posting - the open forum became listless and dull.

Please do not make this mistake.

If y’all want the “Open Forum” to be a Wild West funfest of mudslinging and hazing, then stop yelling at the mods for “not moderating it” properly!!

(I have no problem with Wild West mudslinging, just not in my forum!! :laughing: )

Oriented’s Open forum was registered-only posts (though not by design I remember) but it was hardly dull. In fact it was far rowdier than things are now. It’s not gonna kill anyone to register here, and would further distance Segue from Te**it.com (which would be a good thing IMHO).

Anyone else getting a “general error” when posting?

I noticed the General Error once as well. Something about not being able to find a notification file (template).

Richard Hartzell also described to me something similar. Please keep reporting these errors

I noticed the General Error once as well. Something about not being able to find a notification file (template).

Richard Hartzell also described to me something similar. Please keep reporting these errors

(Make that twice: “Could not find email template file topic_notify” – I just encountered this now! Shucks)

Well, what do you know… it’s a language problem! Well maybe.


Apparently someone who has activated notification is using a non-English language set. We can handle this two ways:

  1. Whoever is using the incomplete non-English language set could switch to English

  2. I could upload templates to “complete” those other languages.

Btw, since I don’t have a complete set of language files, I’ll just dupe the English language templates for now, until I get appropriate language sets (don’t hold your breath, tho)

Here’s my problem – I can’t do this until tonight because I’m out and about until I get home or to an Internet Cafe where I usually comfortably work with the files (like American Pie, natch)

As we say down in Manila, we have to “make tsaga” (rouch trans. = “make do” or “tough it out”) until then – sorry folks

I got a “general error” message many, many times. I tried to register
and it was impossible for a long, long time. That is the reason I did
not register for ages.

Please try to make sure that people who are trying to register are
able to (if they are not allowed to post unless they are registered).
I really liked looking at Oriented and Segue, but it was very, very
frustrating to get those “General Error” messages.

This also happens when you do not fill in the title at the top correctly
(Subject). Unless it matches perfectly, you are out of luck - at least
when I try.

I said it before and I will say it again:
Since everyone must register, this would be good time to have a general, across the board registering period. All registered users would have a month or two to confirm their registered names. All other phantom users – those who signed up but never use the service – can be purged. 3,000+ registered users? Hardly. 3,000 people registered since the beginning of the service.
Isn’t it time to do some cleaning?

I think I’ve figured out the problem. Please read: segue.com.tw/viewtopic.php?p=41046#41046

Post here if you still encounter this error.

TT, the title glitch you describe id new to me. I’m unaware of this problem (never encountered it) – besides, most of the repeat replies you made to this thread did not have the same title. Your posts are added to the database that this forum is buit on, but the notification and post counts are where the problem lies.

W, sorry, i missed where you suggested the across the board registration period.

Let me explain the nature of the 3,000+ (nearly 4,000, ha!) member “count” and why we can do something about it now:

In the year before the switchover from ORIENTED to Segue, Chris and I chose to use the forum as the main e-mail database. We were getting dizzy maintaining not two, but three visitor databases: the forums, the mailing list and the people directory. All were maintained by separate software systems. The simplest way to integrate things would be to ask everyone to register in one place.

One day, forum registrations jumped 1,400 people. This was the day we retired the e-mail list. I’d say a very significant majority of that list never posted on the forums (80%? more??) . However, the weekly e-mail list was generated by the forums. Hence, we couldn’t ‘purge’ them, could we?

Well, today, things are quite different. Foremost, phpBB does not seem to allow members the choice to NOT receive e-mail. Since 10% to 20% of registered forum members do NOT wish to recieve e-mail from the website, I can’t use phpBB to generate the weekly blast.

I’ve since discovered Post Office Pro (about US$ 95, I think) – which is a pretty sophisticated e-mail blaster. I plan to add the subscription form on the site so that Segue people can subscribe and unsubscribe at will and whim.

When I re-start the weekly e-mail, unfortunately EVERYONE is going to get a copy of it – but they can take themselves off the list thanks to Post Office Pro. Believe me, that blast is not going to be fun for me because a LARGE of this database bounceback (can you imagine how many addresses like 123@yahoo.com there are?)

There’s a new guest posting in the For Hire forum. What gives?

Oops, you nailed me :slight_smile: I tried to sneak that by

I didn’t turn off guest posting in the 4 job listings because of the job posting forms that help people post complete listings. The cookie routines don’t seem to work consistently yet, so to make sure that new people don’t have trouble posting jobs, Guest posting is still allowed here.

However, the Job Listings forums will be pretty closely moderated – after all, no one can post replies there anyway!

Thank you for voting.

We’re going to keep the forums “Registeration Required for posting” for the time being.

I’ve deactivated the poll, but if you feel strongly about bringing back Anonymous Guest posting, please post your thoughts on this thread.