Unsightly body hair

First of all, I don’t know if this post should be placed here or in the miscellaneous section…

On to my question…

It has come to my attention since I have been living in taiwan that hairs have been sprouting on my back. These hairs weren’t there two years ago. Does anyone know where I could go to get it done? My chinese is decent, but I feel a bit awkward going into a beauty parlor and asking them if they can wax my back hair (especially if 1) they cannot, and 2) it is like the dentist where they do it in plain sight of passersby)…

So, yeah, anyone been through this and have some good suggestions? Price quotes would be nice as well… I would like to get it done by friday afternoon at the latest, so if you’re in the know, please send me a PM.

Thanks a lot for your help.

it’s prob best if you zap the bastards as waxing will only last for a month, tops. Chang Geng hospital on Dunhwa (just past the dunhwa and Nanking intersection) offers all sorts of services like that and is all done behind closed curtains. i think, depending on how much, it’s about 2500NT per session.

I don’t know of any beauty parlors that wax in taipei, but there is a girl out in Shijr who does waxing… she’s a foreigner and gets all her product from canada. here is her email address:

you’ll have to go out to her house though.

Gold’s gym on XinYi and Fuxing has a beauty salon thing going on in the women’s locker room. I dont think you need a member to go in since you have to pay… you could go in and ask for a day pass or just go up to the third floor (that is if you’re female…)