Unwanted Pet Stuff / Blankets?

Hello there.

With the weather getting colder, especially at our Bali holding centre, we really need some blankets to keep the dogs and pups bodies off the cold cement floor. If you would like to help us help them, this would be a great way; just give me a call on 0920 620 109 and I will come and pick up whatever blankets or thick clothes you want to donate.

Also, if you have any old pet stuff, such as leashes, collars, bowls, beds, crates, cages, etc., I would love to take it off your hands, Just give me a call and I’ll be there with a smile. :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


I think I have some bowls and stuff Sean. Also, there’s a shop near me that sells fleece blankets for NT$99 a pop. Very easy to wash and very quick-drying, half a blanket would probably be enough per animal – NT$45 per creature. I pledge to pick up five or six this weekend, which you can collect or I can give to 914 or something. (Phone first before you come, as my pledges aren’t worth the pixels they’re made of).
What colours would you like?

We’ve got some leashes/collars

Gawd bless both of you. :bravo: :notworthy: :slight_smile:

I’ll come by tomorrow, sandman. Thank you very much.

And, Steeevieboy, I’ll see you when I give you your meat order.

Thanks again.

Anyone else?

Sean, I have tons of baby blankets, will they do? Also have one or two bowls and leashes.

Yes, please!

Just got to work out a good time to get them from you. I’m going to Bali on Tuesday to deliver the stuff; any way I can get them from you tomorrow (or Tuesday morning)? If not, I can take them later.

Thank you! :notworthy:


We’ve got some nice blankets that the doggies would like.

Tigerman, can I get yours this evening?

Thank you so much! :bravo: :notworthy:

[quote=“Stray Dog”]Tigerman, can I get yours this evening?



Here’s the only thing. I need to take Bjorn over to the vet for his booster shots and to get his chip put in. What time were you planning on dropping by? If later, that would work out well. If you cannot be later, I can have the stuff ready for you and Zack can take it down to you. Just let me know.

It’ll be later, as I need to go to Tienmu first. I’ll call your house when I’m leaving Tienmu.

Thanks again.

See you later.


OK, see you this evening.

I’m home all day Monday and Tuesday afternoon. I’ll be downtown Tuesday morning if its easier to meet there.

Yes! Can you PM me your number again? Million thanks!


I’d like to help Sean. I don’t live in Taipei City, so if might be difficult for you to get to Linkuo. I think Bali is not far from there.
Could you give directions to the shelter. I can just drop off my donations there.
Thank you.

Webster, I go through Linkou to get to Bali, as I come from Muzha. IU can pick them up.

Was supposed to go today, but got involved in a late rescue attempt last night and sick this morning, so will be Thursday.

Piwackit, sorry for not calling - I hope I haven’t inconvenienced you. Will call later to arrange a convenient time.

Take care, all.


No trouble, I also have a bag of balls to give you if you’re interested. You need to take care of their mental health too! :laughing:

I have a couple of baby receiving blankets here I was planning on putting in the clothing recycling bin, as well as one or two of those cheaper blankets another poster was talking about. And, as cityplaygroup is having their rummage sale next weekend (see the parenting forum), I will keep an eye out for donated baby blankets, if you still need some then. Would the dogs like some sweaters, too? :wink: