UPDATE: the cats will stay with us

I’m having to suddenly relocate back to Europe and it’s not possible to take my two cats which we adopted from a rescue shelter three years ago. We love them to bits but there’s no accommodation solution back in the UK and the journey would be too stressful for them so we’re having to give them up to (desirably) a new forever home. We’ve found a home for one but sadly they don’t want two so we need to find a home for the other. She’s jet black, quiet and very low maintenance, has been spayed and had all the vaccinations. She’s a little shy but we feel with the right patient owner she will be an excellent companion & mouse/cockroach hunter. She answers to the name Shona and she’s about 3 1/2 years old.

This is very time sensitive as we need to find a home for her on Sunday 15th September latest. I have a hard shelled cat box and can deliver her on my scooter to any location in Taipei City. Outside of that it would be better if the new owner could arrange a pick up.

We will not consider putting her back in a shelter so this is a desperate plea for someone to give this lovely girl a home.

Please contact me asap LINE ID bgoren for more details.

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It would help a lot if we knew what part of Taiwan you lived in, and where you’re willing to take the cat. I live in Taitung, and I doubt you’re willing to haul that thing down here.

Sorry for not being explicit as I thought saying I could drive it on my scooter in Taipei City suggested that’s where I live. At this point, if you are willing to take her forever and have a decent living environment for her I’d seriously consider taking her on the train to you … if you’re interested please contact me on LINE (bgoren) thanks!

Hi, I am surprised you cannot take her to the UK. Taiwan and the UK are both rabies free and it’s extremely easy to take a cat in between both countries. I brought mine from the UK and it was 100% hassle free. Had his export papers done a week before travel, visited the vet 24h before the flight, and he flew with me in the cabin on a KLM flight via Amsterdam. I used a UPet cabin bag. Mind you, going into the UK with a cat in the cabin is impossible, the only solution is to fly to Paris, take a train to Calais, then a car from Folkestone will come to pick you up on the Eurotunnel. I also did that journey with my cat, from Shanghai to London. And yes, it’s extremely easy to go through UK customs at Calais as they have a dedicated area for pets and all you need is the rabies vaccination paper from the vet + the titer. If your cat has been vaccinated for rabies and you “love her to bits”, please consider flying with her to France then transiting to the UK. Or if you can afford it, use an agent and transport her direct to the UK in the hold. Cats can easily survive long haul flights. Remember, they can survive being trapped for days. She will be fine and it will be one of the easiest journeys ever for a cat, no quarantine, no hassle.


Eh Taiwan lost rabies free status several years ago…

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Unfortunately yep. But I still hope the OP can take her. Best of luck!

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It is a tough situation, so sad the cats could be separated from each other and even worse from their family. yes, hoping they can stay together.

Yes you might be right, I didn’t specifically check the rabies status of each country. But my point is simply that there are a bunch of countries, usually islands such as the UK, Taiwan, Singapore, Iceland, etc, in between which the transfer of pets is extremely easy and hassle-free. If you love your pet, there is no reason and no excuse to leave it behind.

Indeed, I agree. A friend of mine send his furry pal as cargo and the doggie made it easily through customs. There should be a way to keep the family together if possible.

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I will be going back via Amsterdam.
I don’t like the idea of traveling through Paris to try and get to Calais and taxis (and possible migrant nonsense on the roads) to the port.
Amsterdam to the train station which takes you to the UK via ferry. The ferry has a pet area too.
Looking at the KLM site a while back it said pets could not travel in the cabin on Intercontinental flights. How did you wrangle that?
I have two cats so one may get lucky - the quiet one.

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That’s fantastic! Yes the ferry from Holland is also a good option indeed. On my way from Shanghai to Paris I actually travelled on Aeroflot via Moscow. They also accept pets in the cabin and the 2nd leg was operated by Air France that also do the same. KLM do accept pets in the cabin on long-haul intercontinental flights (unless their policy changed in the last 6 months)… You must have a carrier in specific dimensions as explained on their website, and you must pay a small extra (I think it was 125 euros). Make sure you call their “special assistance” line to make a request for the pet in the cabin, usually it takes them 24 hours to process and they will call you back to confirm.

Best of luck!! :heart::pray:


I have some questions.
There does not seem to be any solid information online on how to take pets to the UK from Taiwan that isn’t confusing, misses something or is out of date:
Were you based in Taipei?
If so, where the export papers done at the place off near Roosevelt Road?
The 24 hour before the flight vet visit - what was that for? Which vet if in Taipei?
Probably not, but were there any issues with a Taiwan issued “Pet Passport” both on entry to the EU and later the UK?
What is the ‘titer’ you mention?

Going through a check list:
Microchip - done
Rabies shot - done
Pet Passport - Taiwan version with English and Chinese.

As far as I know, I need to get an exporting certificate and a vet check certificate?

I will be flying into Amsterdam with China Airlines - only option - 1 flight a week.

Hope you can respond.