Updating address on ARC

I tend to change my address every month and move to a new place. Do I need to get a new ARC card every month with a new address? How do others handle this? Put the address of a friend’s or virtual mailing address?

You need to update your information for every time you change residential address

Go to the NIA service center near your new address and fill up the MULTIPLE-PURPOSE APPLICATION FORM FOR FOREIGNERS

4.In the event that a foreign national changes his/her domicile or his/her place of employment during the period of his/her residency, he/she shall apply for registering the change within 15 days.


You are required to notify the NIA of your new address within 15 days of moving. So if you’re moving every month, you have to update your address as frequently.

I don’t think putting a friend’s address or virtual address is possible or advisable. They ask for a copy of a lease or other proof of residence when you update the address. And supposedly they can do spot checks to make sure people live where they say they do.

I guess the assumption is that if you’re officially a “resident” in Taiwan, you’ll maintain a longer-term residence. It would be nice if they made it possible to do the update online.


Curious how you can change addresses so much?
Landlords involved? That’s a lot of 1-month rental payments.
Anyway, you have details above on what to do. It’s the law, so to speak.

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