Upset Stomach Medicine

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A pharmacy recommended this for upset stomach with no vomiting or diharea. 3 times per day.

It says Western medicine in the bottom right-hand corner which is quite curious to me. I immediately thought of it as Chinese medicine. I look closer and it appears ingredients are traditionally from the west but not really used in modern times. Probably because there’s no big pharmacy money in traditional remedies. And don’t drink milk or cold things.

Xinganyu stomach impotence granules, 新甘樫胃陽薬顆粒

Whenever I come back from home I bring a couple bottles of Pepto Bismol with me. My wife now thinks that stuff is the peak of modern medicine. :joy:

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OH MAN pepto bismol is a godsend. To be honest, I hate the taste, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t work haha I’ve been stocking up on the chewable variant of it and usually have a couple of them on my person at all times since a lot of things on this island seem to set me off :joy:

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That’s the same ingredients as Gaviscon here in the UK really.

Sodium Bicarb is the active ingredient.

Results: I can’t really tell if it helped because I slept for about eight hours and felt OK after I woke.

However, it did make my face flush extremely red and my nipples overly sensitive :face_with_thermometer:

Do you have high blood pressure? It’s effectively salt.

Sodium Bicarb as ingredient, @volv1992?

doesn’t that make one flatulate like a garbage dump?

Arse-spraying mayhem

I’ve seen no answer to this one: Where can I find Pepto (pink bismuth) ?

Seems I’ve seen Maalox, but I don’t remember where… Seirogan - a staple in Japan - would also be a good find.

This stuff is very easy to find in Taiwan.

It won’t solve any major illness of course. But for the all-too-common queasy stomach situation, it works great.


I finally found seirogan, but the Pepto… Anybody find it here?

the one on the left and the middle are great. mostly sodium bicarbonate. i think they work better than pepto bismol. it’s cheap and available at every pharmacy.


What does “upset stomach” mean? Nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, acid reflux, diarrhea?

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i think they are referring to this. i read it as that

That’s my got to upset stomach cure. Or just sparkling water. Anyways, doctors in Taiwan give you ‘stomach’ pills with every batch of medicine they give you.