Upside Down Shrine Found

The legendary Upside Down Shrine of Shan Ganshan, long thought by scholars to be a purely allegorical symbol of religious backsliding, recently discovered on a Ducked jungle expedition.

This may suggest the existence of a secret schismatic sect of pseudo-satanists, and not at all that it fell from the flak-tank road above, having been clouted by a passing track.

Quiet week.


Bump. This seems kind of interesting to read more about.

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There isn’t any.

But if you go looking for some, take a big stick. Aggressive monkeys in that area.

Guardians of The Legendary Upside Down Shrine of Shan Gangshan.

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They’re just trying to defend their banana hoard from King K Rool and his kremlings.

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The flak tanks deployed on Shan Gangshan were these things, well obsolete when I first saw them over a decade ago.

Think they’ve gone now, and the bases seem to be getting sold off for property development. Nice windfall for somebody but of course all completely legal with not the faintest whiff of corruption.



Is it anything like Ipsen Castle from FF9?


It isn’t
That isn’t Upside Down.

How about this?

doesn’t look real

Picking up a defensive rock could involve you in a dilemma…