Urgent: 3 abandoned kittens in need of adoption

I found 3 kittens abandoned in the mountains who need homes ASAP. I already have two very territorial cats and can’t keep them here. They’re 3 males, well-socialized, and very affectionate. Please get in touch if you’re interested or know someone who might be.


Calling @Icon

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Just curious: why didn’t you leave them in the mountains?

Because they will die horrible deaths by exposure, hunger, being hunted by wild animals or worse by humans, in those horrific illegal metal traps they set up. The myth that " people in the mountains will feed them/they can hunt" is that, a myth. Moreover, these are house cats, most are abandoned even in their travel carrier. They do not know how to survive in the wild. And they won’t.


Bananas, many blessings on you and your house for this act of kindness. Will spread the word. Hang on.

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I’ll just take comfort that this litter of vicious predators will be eating manufactured cat food instead of preying on small native animals in the forest.

Thanks to the humans.

Again, contrary to most ideas, the cats here will be prey, instead of the other way around.

People don’t make it lost in the mountain trails, least of all house cats. Takes too many geckos and birds to feed them.

Pets are human responsibility. To dump them in the mountains after being used to having a roof, clean water and meals, is cruelty of the worst sort. A betrayal of trust and the sacred covenant of partnership. A lack of humanity and sense of responsibility. Murder, slow murder.

We find cats of all ages, small dogs like poodles, Maltese, Chihuahuas, all dumped in the mountains" because they can hunt/ people feed them". Nope. They end up crushed in traps, run over by blue trucks or dead in a gutter.


Charlie must’ve never seen roving pack of wild dogs…

Where are you located?

Also how imperative is it they be homed together?

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Maybe they will reproduce in the wild then “they” will survive? Does tw really have alot of wild predators?

Sorry, forgot to mention I’m in Taipei.

All 3 is ideal, but I know that’s asking a lot. My biggest concern is they’re not lonely wherever they go, so if someone already has a cat that is ok with kittens and wants to take 1 that’s ok. The other two can stay together.

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Where in Taipei?

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Near Zhongshan Jr. High.

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Thanks, I cant take in any atm due to health situation, but I’ve sent out a clarion call to my contact at the SPCA.

Thanks. I will cover whatever the cost of vaccinations and neutering is (or whatever the equivalent donation is).

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Yes, humans.

Then dogs, snakes, assorted wildlife.

Omg haha

Still available. Some more pictures of these cuties.


Winter is coming. Adopt a cat or two or three. Tuna powered heaters that also keep sadness and critters away.

Unfortunately the SPCA is full up. Check out Taipei pet Facebook groups or even Taipei Buy Sell Trade.